I Think I’m Going To Wear My Gay Shirt To Work Tomorrow

portis3strippingtake it off!
take it off!
so ex baller wolf,
clinton portis,
is not one to contain his eccentric urges with his wardrobe.
( x like so ).
well he was recently on the nfl network and got flack for wearing “gay” pants.
yes the pants allegedly had its own sexuality.
tmz had me scratching my head with this story…

0311-clinton-portis-instagram-3Skinny jeans don’t dictate sexual orientation … so says ex-NFL running back Clinton Portis who tells TMZ Sports he’s already prepping for a wave of homophobic hate over his extremely tight pants. 

The former Washington Redskins superstar rocked his new look during an appearance on the NFL Network last week … and people instantly went to Twitter to deliver the gay jokes, such as: 

— “Clinton Portis dressing like he heading to the local gay bar & sh*t!!”
— “Clinton Portis pants on nfl am gay as sh*t.”
— “Is Clinton portis Gay cause what he have on is wow Lmbo”

But Clinton tells TMZ Sports it doesn’t bother him … saying, “”People are really judgmental. They’ll make comments, but I’m comfortable with myself. I know I like girls. I felt good about the outfit.” 

Portis — who notes he bought the entire outfit at Zara for $300 (including the shoes) — says, “People say ‘I can’t believe you wore that.’ Give them some time and everyone will be wearing it.”

anigif_enhanced-15250-1394541037-8i surely won’t be wearing it,
but wait a daggone minute clinton!

don’t hip the ratchets and the “oh hell naws” of the world to zara now!
anyway the pants are a bit smite-tastic,
but the outfit in a whole looks absolutely terrible.
i want to see them in motion.
i’m dying to see how he walked in those pants.
something about the outfit is just a huge “no” to me.
it looks like he was trying on the shirt and the blazer to see how they look together…
…over the leggings he sleeps in.
this is just a case of “pieces that would look better on other shit”.

lowkey: i always thought clinton was a hot piece of oddball meat.
he looks like a sexy turtle,
but i always thought those lips were his best feature.


article courtesy of: TMZ

“gaypants” taken from his social: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “I Think I’m Going To Wear My Gay Shirt To Work Tomorrow”

  1. Yes.Those pants look awful and don’t go with the top part at all.Looks like he stole them out of a thirteen year old girl’s closet.Skinny jeans is a trend that really needs to go away for men.It was never cute in the first place.You shouldn’t look as if you’re wearing your sister’s hand-me-downs.

  2. i think those pants would go better with like a white wife beater and some banging ass white sneaks, but for the event he was in no they look like long johns thermals unfergarments on his body when he wore it with a blazer and etc…i admire his I dont give a fuck attitude though lol

  3. He looks like nat turnher the porn star. And I know he’s a homophobe but we should really feature him more..

  4. Im sure my bestfriend would love to see you are posting negative shit about her ex-boyfriend, thats why your life is so fucked up now. Try doing some real journalism

    1. Why would she care if it’s her ex?

      I think the oxyMORON has returned under a new guise yet the same contradictions.

  5. We are ALL friends thats why any other questions about people we know that get posted about on this site we have this on google alert

  6. Yea nothing about that looks gay, look like his mommy dressed him. Its funny people call shit gay, but gays are fashion forward never backwards and we always colour coordinate even when it is mix match

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