This One Is On One Tonight

neneleakeswith friends like this,
who needs enemies!
is this one feelin’ herself tonight or nah?
she is coming off like a real insecure woman on wwhl.
on another note:
i’ve already set my dvr for the reunion next week.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “This One Is On One Tonight”

  1. I watched her while ago, and I was shocked with how she spoke abut Cynthia.

    Somebody got dragged in that reunion clip. I saw it at the end lol. I saw a red dress on the floor.

  2. Linnethia is eviscerating the RHOA ladies into delicatessen cold cuts… She ruthless! Somebody grab her scalpel lol

  3. She’s not a lovable bitch anymore. Other love to hate characters like New York(from Flavor of Love) were liked because they were mean honest bitches but at the same time, so funny. At some point they become too dramatic and less funny. They also start feeling themselves way too much. Like miss New York with all them damn spin-offs. NeNe had a few parts in a few TV shows and a mini reality show spin-off. It all went to her head. Big time! It didn’t help that she thought she was the shit before all of that.

  4. Nene has no true friends because Nene is not a true friend. Every question Andy asked her, she could not take any responsibility. In Nene’s world there is no “wrong” unless it is attached to someone else.

  5. Right, she never accepts responsibility. She want Cynthia to leave because she has no allies anymore on the show.

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