nene leakes wants you to watch what’s happening live with queens and racism

the rona has really allowed many people to get in touch with themselves.
some are seeing what’s really important in their lives.
as you know,
i don’t watch reality tv anymore.
i do know that nene leakes has officially left rhoa tho.
isn’t like the fourth time?
she has been “friend” to “i’m back!” on a few occasions.

aunt wendy went on “wwhl” with andy cohen

and nene flipped her shit on twitter…

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you know you want to “come and get this” by nene leakes

so i haven’t watched “rhoa” in close to a few years now.
everyone is like:


and of course i tell them i will,
but i never do.
so i don’t know what’s been happening to some folks during the rona,
but nene leakes of “rhoa” fame has had a surge of creativity.
she is trying her hand at rapping.
you read right.
she has a new song called “come and get this hunni” and well…

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So Nene Leakes Makes Kenya Moore “The Joke”?

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 11.20.47 AMnene leakes is a comedian!
she is on a stage and telling jokes now.
the animals are paying to see her.
i’m sure there are many jokes that can be formed around:

“i’m a very rich bitch!”

well comedians tend to make fun of things that bother them.
kenya moore bothers nene.
so she decided to tear into her ass on stage during a routine.
this is what she had to say with video via the jasmine brand
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The Moose Has Left To Go Back To The Forest

NeNe-Leakes-Works-the-camera-0107-1welp its done.
the moose has returned back to her natural habitat.
nene leakes has left her forest of “the real housewives of atlanta”.
an f-bi was hunting and saw her strolling back into the forest.
this is what she told people magazine about her exit…
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The One Who Yells The Loudest Wins? ( #RHOAreunion )

tumblr_nn2u0gy6G01qcjdp7o1_500well if this is the case,
nene wins by a landslide.
now i didn’t really keep up this entire season,
but i was gonna watch the reunion.
so i was watching this yelling match between kenya and nene for next week…
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Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How About Nene’s Wig

10832103_1521869274754384_890790674_nwho did this to nene in her confessional?
what did she do to make them so mad?
where is that spiteful gay now?
when are they getting fired?
why did she even film with that on her head in the first place?
how is it possible she didn’t walk past a mirror?
tumblr_mm4s60n8Xk1s49x9io1_400again just questions.