The One Who Yells The Loudest Wins? ( #RHOAreunion )

tumblr_nn2u0gy6G01qcjdp7o1_500well if this is the case,
nene wins by a landslide.
now i didn’t really keep up this entire season,
but i was gonna watch the reunion.
so i was watching this yelling match between kenya and nene for next week…


…and i was literally LMAO.
good to see kenya not backin’ down from that wild moose.

lowkey: is it me,
or did nene low key throw mud on phaedra with her comments?
also did jj james and travis cure ever make their appearance?

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “The One Who Yells The Loudest Wins? ( #RHOAreunion )”

  1. They are all on it at this reunion so far. Cynthia’s comments were funny af. “Look deep inside, very deep inside” Yo, I died lol.

    Porsha was dating LeSean McCoy last summer. I do know that even though she didn’t say it. She posted a picture of him, but it wasn’t up for long. I still believe she is a prostitute tho and needs to apologize to Kenya lol.

    Apollo was probably beating the hell out of Phaedra on the low. I peeped that long pause.

  2. I watched every episode and I didn’t see JJ or Travis, All the girls are witty but Nene takes the crown. I’m sorry but Porsha baby you need to not talk so much and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

    1. JJ and Travis were at Kandi’s sextoy party. It was the episode when Demetria got embarrassed by that woman who dated Roger Bobb lol. JJ had a cameo. Didn’t see Travis tho.

  3. Wow just wow, after last year when we talked about this reunion, I said I wasnt going to watch this anymore, and I stuck too it, have not seen one episode this season. I see I am better for it. Nene, makes me cringe, she is beyond low class and plays into every negative stereotype about Black women that there is. I use to think this show was fun and a good escape but now it is a negative toxic brew of Bull$hit. I wish they would pull the plug, but I know as long as they can squeeze a nickel out of us doing the most they will, its just the reality of the world we live in now. I am challenging myself to read more books this summer for entertainment, I refuse to entertain this type of Fuckery anymore.

    1. This is sooo true. I am convinced that watching this show lowers positive vibes. It’s like you really have to dumb yourself down in order to understand it.

      Be careful of what you let in your atmosphere.

  4. Nene needs to be shipped to Orange County or Beverly Hills. Cynthia won round 1— This show needs a reboot. They are rehatching things from 4 seasons ago.

  5. I stopped watching this mess a long time ago, it just became really fake just like Love and hip hop Atlanta is becoming.

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