Bus Meet Jamari; Wheels Meet His Head

tumblr_ms3vhgLxxj1qh0pnto1_500yesterday was a bad day.
a baaaaaad fuckin’ day.
i had to come home after work,
drink close to a bottle of wine,
and immediately go take a nap.
oh yeah.
so remember i was telling you about this chick i work with?
she was messing with one of the mail room wolves?
well she tried to throw me under the bus to save her own ass…

so when i got into work,
everything was cool.
the usual.
as soon as my boss came in at 11,
she called me into the office.
when she shut the door behind me,
i knew there was an issue.
she said she received a few complaints from a vp about me.
i was doing things that was “jeopardizing” the company.
everything she was telling me i did was a complete lie.
my boss knew something was wrong because it wasn’t in my character.
she wanted to give me the benefit of the doubt and talk to me about it.
well that same girl is that same vp’s assistant.
she fucked up,
decided to blame it on me,
and added a few other things to her story.
i’m talking about a 150,000 kind of fuck up.
the vp wanted me fired because of it.
oh yeah.
it was serious.

tumblr_mk488rEEcq1qekszro2_250this is why i tell people to watch how ratchet they get.
when shit happens,
your only defense is your reputation.
once that shit is tarnished,
it’s hard to clean it up no matter how strong the cleaner.

now the thing that bothered me is this chick is phony AF.
she smiles in my face,
trying to find out my business,
while telling me all of hers and everyone else.
i know how this works.
this is not my first time at the rodeo with fake muhfuckas.
what she didn’t know is i am one person who keeps receipts.
when i left my bosses office,
i went through my emails and saw the correspondence i had with this same chick.
i quickly forwarded it to my boss and she handled it from there.

 i wanted to go and let this bitch have it for lying on me.
ooooooh oooooh ooooh!!!
this hyena has done this before apparently.
i got her entire low down from thing 2 who also got into it with her before.
my thing is,
why lie on me?
why create this story and try to get me in trouble?
i don’t bother anyone at work.
i stay to myself,
stay out of the gossip/drama,
and go about my business when i clock out.
i’m not there to make friends; i’m here to get a paycheck.
if i do decide to make friends,
its after you passed my own personal probation.
she failed a long time ago.
if this wasn’t a warning to NOT fuck anyone at this job,
well i don’t know what is.

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “Bus Meet Jamari; Wheels Meet His Head”

  1. I’m glad everything worked out for you. That’s a shame that you have to deal with something like that at a job. It’s supposed to be a job. You go in, work, then leave. It’s sad that people have to make that difficult for others. I thought your flying disk was being jeopardized. I’d be so pissed if I lost my job because of some catty person. If I was you, I wouldn’t trust any of your coworkers now.

    1. ^confused how it was “karma” for me when it was proven she was a liar.
      just saying anything these days LOL
      but zen,
      the shoe had to drop sooner or later.
      it couldn’t be “perfect” forever.
      bitch was scheming on me.
      I came in that job,
      boss speaks highly of me to everyone,
      and now insecure people trying to sabatoge.
      you can’t give these hoodrats a good job position these days.

  2. This was really messed up. Glad you had documentation of your work. I was wondering if your boss is another VP and an equal to the VP who wanted you fired. It would be good, since the other VP was so upset, that he will now want his assistant fired. There definitely exists the ground to do that.

    Glad you have kept your head on straight. A suggestion I would offer is to get in the habit of locking your computer sreen when stepping away from your desk, now that you see the lengths this hyena went to sabatoge you.

    1. ^i think she got written up oh.
      she legit threw me under the bus.
      i always lock my comp,
      and document everything I do.
      it’s sad I see I can’t trust anyone now.
      thank god I wasn’t some ratchet.
      im playing with the big messier hyenas I see.

  3. Those who set traps for others, fall into their own traps eventually. I’m glad everything worked out in your favor Jamari 🙂 keep your head up and eyes open

  4. I wish I could drag her for you. I hate phony, manipulative people. Glad you had documentation on her ass. Do not let this situation get you down though.

  5. Ugh what is her problem she seems to have more issues that vanity fair. I’m impressed the way you handled that tho, let’s hope she thinks twice before she does something like that again. I hope the rest of your week is better.

  6. Thank God you got it sorted out man. Be careful. The ones who are jealous sting the most. Just keep doing your job.

  7. ^If she comes near you again….and she WILL, trying to play nice, PLEASE let her know that you don’t want to fuck with her because she lied on you to cover her own ass! Let her know that you know and you don’t fuck with phonies…and go about your business! The time for niceties is OVER & DONE WITH! LOL

    1. *with!!!
      Im so upset that I didn’t even spell check. I went through this same ish before on past jobs…key word jobs! You would think my simple ass would learn but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt but I was young and dumb! Fuk that!

  8. “i don’t bother anyone at work.
    i stay to myself,
    stay out of the gossip/drama,
    and go about my business when i clock out.
    i’m not there to make friends; i’m here to get a paycheck.”

    That is the key to success. Don’t ever let your guard down. I have co-workers who wonder why I stay to myself. Well what you described is the reason. I value my paycheck first and foremost. The older I get the more I realize that it is important to value those handful of friends and family that you can trust. To hell with all the rest. I am not interested in bringing them into my circle.

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