I Got More Where That Came From (IDGAF)

tumblr_m4xntsLb691r02o0go1_400“well you should at least be somewhat over it by now.”

say the fuck what?
when i say i cussed my “friend” the fuck out last night?
all while listening to “take me to the king” on repeat.
he had to hang up the phone on me.
i called back and it went to voice mail.

i proceeded to get it poppin’ there.
i hung up,
thought of more things to say,
and then called back and left another voice mail.
i’m not one to be arguing and all that,
but every inch of “ratchet jamari” came out of me last night.
i talked about how he is a simp ass mamas boy.
i talked about how i feel he is a low key liar.
i talked about how much of a hoe i think he is.
hell i talked about how i think his head is too big for that small ass body.
how dare you tell me i need to be over my best friend’s death already?
askin’ me why i haven’t been answering his calls?
you insensitive ignorant dust bunny bitch ass bastard.
how fuckin’ dare you?
i had no fucks to give.
tbh, i haven’t lately.
he could as well as twisted his head off his shoulders for me.
yet when he was going through it,
i was there.
like a dumb ass.
holdin’ his hand and seeing him through everything.
callin and checkin up.
now i’m going through it and you acting smug?
well fuck you asshole.
you let the pretty face fool ya like i won’t get it turnt up…

tumblr_mkcw12RU1c1s0b9flo1_500its not getting better yet.
i’m still emotionally going through havoc.
the fucked up part is that i want to talk to no one i use to know.
the only people who “get it” is the foxhole.
other than that,
i’m completely over it.
i will say i felt great cussin’ him out tho.
i needed that.
felt like a weight released on my shoulders.

lowkey: ima be honest with ya’ll,
when my breakthrough comes,
a lot of people are headed to the:

Trash-On-Curbnow i see why celebrities act funny once they make it.

6 thoughts on “I Got More Where That Came From (IDGAF)

  1. Hold up Jamari, I don’t think he meant it in a bad way according to what you have shared what he said with us, unless he said it in a nasty way. If he did in fact tell you in exact words “well you should at least be somewhat over it by now,” then I don’t think he came off too harsh.The key word is “somewhat.” In other words, you should be making progress since a month has almost passed. You should not be completely over it, but you should not be as hurt and devastated as when it happened. Should Star Fox be on your mind? Yes of course. However, you should not be crying everyday anymore. The dead cannot come back to life, and the past cannot be changed, only the future. I said before you will have certain days that you will dwell over him, but those certain days should not become an everyday thing. It’s not being insensitive all the time. There is a thing called tough love.

    1. No offense at all, but it’s also no one’s place to tell someone how they should be feeling. People heal differently than others. We have no idea what Jamari could be going through, so no one should speak on how he should be “somewhat over it.”

      1. None taken. You also have to remember that it’s some people out there who spiral out of control years after an incident. I’m talking five, six, and seven years after, that is not healthy. There always comes a time where something has to change. When a wound is slow healing it is prone to infections right? Some people sleep around, become alcoholics, barely want to leave their homes, and some go in deep depressions. I guess all of that is ok because it’s apart of the healing process right? You nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand, that’s all I’m saying.

  2. After you filled his cup with fury, he should come correct. I would expect him to because he is your friend……

    1. ^im contemplating erasing his number.
      my friend should know im going through it and need support.
      my friend would know me and be a little bit more sensitive.

      far as im concerned,
      if we never speak again,
      ill be okay.

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