Kerry Rhodes Wants To Get You Arrested

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 12.10.26 PMmy kerry has a new job since being a free agnet.
he’s a bike cop.
he is writing some mean tickets and takin’ names later.
i kid.
kerry has been low key filming his new web series,
“good cop; bike cop”.
written by tami ferrell,
he just wrapped up a shoot…

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 12.14.43 PMis that foxhole cutie alton in the corner?
sure is.
look at those purple pecs.

tumblr_lj7ipsxNDG1qakh43o1_400anyway it looks like fun and a great cast of people.
here are some quick flicks:

i can’t wait to see the finished product.
i pray he can act.

lowkey: can we talk about these other blogs playing him for stupid?
so disrespectful.
we have his back tho:

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 12.39.23 PMwell i know i do.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Kerry Rhodes Wants To Get You Arrested”

  1. I betcha Peanut is pissed I wonder if Alton is in the show.Speaking of bloggers BET hired B Scott to do the pre awards show red carpet interviews. Once he got there they informed him he couldn’t wear his trademark heels.He was a little miffed but changes into flats.He kept on the makeup .Queens in heels Bravo yes BET no.I know most guys on here don’t like feminine guys but BET knew how B Scott dresses before they invited him.He has been on BET before

  2. S/N Kevin Clash aka Elmo is off the hood federal judge says accusers waited too long to file lawsuit. LESSON OF THE DAY make sure that young girl or guy you are messing with is above the age of consent in your state 🙂

  3. this guy NEVER learns .. next it’s going to be that alton guy he’s fucking that will expose him..his dick can’t stay in his pants? or keep the people on his dick off camera?

    1. Just curious what makes you think he is sleeping with Alton? Is Kerry sleeping with all his male employees since you seem to have insider info? I guess Gay or Bi men can’t have Platonic relationships with men.Oops I forgot you are not Gay or Bi so disregard that question

      1. Key parts you’re missing are:
        that the Alton dude is Gay/bi/whatever he calls himself the best description slightly feminine (the videos aka reality tv whatever the peanut boy made shows the alton boy as the maid …or ..the feminine maid) and
        kerry rhodes claimed to be having a platonic relationship too with peanut

        1. ok

          you got “they’re fuckin” off that?
          i’m also confused because i didn’t get “feminine” from alton in the videos.
          maybe i watched….

      2. I just watched the video there is nothing feminine about him IMO.Also please tell me when and where. Alton stated he was Gay or Bi.As for Kerry he claims he’s not Gay but apparently sleeps with men, sound familiar? I don’t know Alton’s sexual orientation but to leap to the conclusion that since he may be Gay or Bi he is sleeping with Kerry is reaching JMHO. BTW Kerry has another male assistant I guess he is sleeping with him too. He also has a male chef I guess they are sleeping together too.He is definitely sleeping with the co owner of his production company because he is a MAN GMAB

      3. The Jay guy summed it up for you. Kerry denied having a RELATIONShip with his assistant. Frank Ocean has never SAID he is gay. Admitting to liking lettuce does not EQUAL being a vegetarian

  4. YC aint playing with yall this evening, yall better come correct or risk getting chopped. LMAO…….

  5. Was forwarded this post by someone who is a faithful reader. Liked that i read and then saw the comments. Was going to comment on Kerry and Alton but YColette addressed the obvious. Thank you YColette for saving me the time. Assumptions tend to make asses.

  6. Go Kerry making moves and leaving drama in the past…Any who I’m #TEAMKERRY always he’s too charming, sweet and down to earth for me not to be, and i hope whomever he finds will treat him better then that creature Peanut did…

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