Harley Quinn and The Clothes She Wears

bruce-timm-batman-animated-series-harley-quinn1^this is the harley quinn i’m use to.
harley quinn is an interesting villian in the batman series.
hell the way how she became “harley quinn” is kinda crazy.

background: she was a therapist at arkham asylum when she fell in love with joker.
she decided to leave her career behind and follow his crazy ass.
sad part is he don’t love ha’h!
he just uses her and treats her like shit.

sounds like people we may know.
anyway harley quinn will be featured in the anticipated movie,
“suicide squad”.
she will be played by margot robbie of “wolf of wall street” fame.
will smith,
jared leto,
and viola davis also star.
they took some candids on the set of harley quinn and well…
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Kerry Rhodes Wants To Get You Arrested

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 12.10.26 PMmy kerry has a new job since being a free agnet.
he’s a bike cop.
he is writing some mean tickets and takin’ names later.
i kid.
kerry has been low key filming his new web series,
“good cop; bike cop”.
written by tami ferrell,
he just wrapped up a shoot…

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Face Down, With Yo Back Arched, Fingers Spread That Ass Apart…

And I’m deep in it and she leak in it, bust a couple nuts, then sleep in it
Don’t you try to run where that pussy going?
I eat cray on the week day, weekend her 3 friends
Gotta a nigga going off the deep end cause I’m deep in when I dove in
And I’m so in when I go in, pussy feeling something like the ocean… – Face Down, Meek Mill, Wale, Trey Songz, Sam Sneaker

Awww Trey, I miss you too.

Anyway, Trey Songz is so nasty.
Hell, this whole song for “Face Down” is nasty.
Just how I like it.

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