Harley Quinn and The Clothes She Wears

bruce-timm-batman-animated-series-harley-quinn1^this is the harley quinn i’m use to.
harley quinn is an interesting villian in the batman series.
hell the way how she became “harley quinn” is kinda crazy.

background: she was a therapist at arkham asylum when she fell in love with joker.
she decided to leave her career behind and follow his crazy ass.
sad part is he don’t love ha’h!
he just uses her and treats her like shit.

sounds like people we may know.
anyway harley quinn will be featured in the anticipated movie,
“suicide squad”.
she will be played by margot robbie of “wolf of wall street” fame.
will smith,
jared leto,
and viola davis also star.
they took some candids on the set of harley quinn and well…

tumblr_inline_mknw99GY2g1qz4rgp“excuse me mistah j?”
why is she dressed so…..

“bubble gum and sprinkles”?
i’m really excited for this movie and i hope they don’t fuck it up!
on lighter news,
you can play as harley in the new game,
“batman: arkham knight”.
they released this trailer today:

tumblr_inline_myjvvbQP611rcw5hm…and i’m sold.
well i been sold,
but this is going to make it much better.

suicide squad hits theaters august 6th, 2016.
batman: arkham knight hits stores june 23rd, 2015.

lowkey: i have this feeling girls gonna be dressing like harley quinn once this movie comes out.

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Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “Harley Quinn and The Clothes She Wears”

      1. J, I’m hoping that she pulls it off.
        I have high hopes for this film also. I just hope they don’t try to turn this into a Will Smith film, because it’s an ENSEMBLE film!

        1. ^i completely agree.
          they have some a list talent in this.
          i love will smith,
          but i want to see everyone get their shine and carry their own.
          i wonder if will smith is going to be a bad guy as well?

    1. @T…Truth be told, you would need to watch the Batman The Animated Series episodes to get the scope of this twisted relationship between Batman, Joker, and “Harl”.
      There was also a recent animated Batman/Suicide Squad movie that you should check out. It’s called Assault on Arkham.

  1. I’m really excited about the movie at first I wasn’t really feeling the costumes designs for Harley or the Joker but then I realize that they’re going with a more gang feel to it and not mob. I really like Margot Robbie as an actress when I saw the movie Focus( great movie by the way) I felt like her and Will had such great chemistry I’m sure it will show up here as well since He is playing Deadshot(Harley’s romantic Interest in the comics right now).

    I ready for Viola to kill it as Amanda Waller since she’s so good at playing ruthless in How to get away with Murder.

    1. ^oh he is playing deadshot?
      well this is going to be interesting.
      im glad to see harley move on from “mistah j” and maybe poison ivy…

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