I’m In The Middle of “Suicide Squad” And…


what’s wrong with it?
i’m not familiar with the “suicide squad” comic,
but everyone was trashing it like it was the worst thing.
they said there was no action,
but it seems pretty action packed.

Am I missing what was so bad about it?

lowkey: i love harley quinn.
aside from her craziness,
she is the story of many.
vixen treated like shit for an ain’t shit wolf.
she is definitely the stand out along dead shot and amanda waller.
i can just imagine all the “harley quinns” this halloween.
vixens already out here coming to work with neon hair.

How They Just Gonna Make Me Emotional Like Dis?


you ever saw a movie trailer that gave you chills?
i lovvvvvveeeee those kind of movie trailers.
i love it when i see them live in the theater.
people start clapping and cheering.
i love people’s reactions to thing,
ya know?
that gets me off.
well these two movie trailers had me all in my feelz…
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Harley Quinn and The Clothes She Wears

bruce-timm-batman-animated-series-harley-quinn1^this is the harley quinn i’m use to.
harley quinn is an interesting villian in the batman series.
hell the way how she became “harley quinn” is kinda crazy.

background: she was a therapist at arkham asylum when she fell in love with joker.
she decided to leave her career behind and follow his crazy ass.
sad part is he don’t love ha’h!
he just uses her and treats her like shit.

sounds like people we may know.
anyway harley quinn will be featured in the anticipated movie,
“suicide squad”.
she will be played by margot robbie of “wolf of wall street” fame.
will smith,
jared leto,
and viola davis also star.
they took some candids on the set of harley quinn and well…
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