I’m In The Middle of “Suicide Squad” And…


what’s wrong with it?
i’m not familiar with the “suicide squad” comic,
but everyone was trashing it like it was the worst thing.
they said there was no action,
but it seems pretty action packed.

Am I missing what was so bad about it?

lowkey: i love harley quinn.
aside from her craziness,
she is the story of many.
vixen treated like shit for an ain’t shit wolf.
she is definitely the stand out along dead shot and amanda waller.
i can just imagine all the “harley quinns” this halloween.
vixens already out here coming to work with neon hair.

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31 thoughts on “I’m In The Middle of “Suicide Squad” And…

  1. Jamari I stopped relying on the internet when it comes to movies based on comics a LONG time ago. People get over-critical about them online, no one has time for all that. They were bitching because Joker didn’t get more time on screen

    The cast was diverse, it had some action, and it made me laugh a couple of times. That’s good enough for me.

    1. ^the movie was “suicide squad” not “joker’s suicide squad”.
      he is only in it because he is affiliated through harley.
      i’m enjoying it.
      i would have even paid for it.

      1. There are supposedly two versions of the film, a “director’s cut” (which will probably never see the light of day) and the theatrical release, which was ripped by comic book fans because the studio once again stuck their hand where they shouldn’t have. The DVD is supposed to be an extended cut of the film, but a lot was still left out and the tone changed because people were bitching about Batman v Superman so much.

        I enjoyed it. It could’ve been better, but for what it was and because I knew the characters, I didn’t go in with my hopes too high. A lot of comic book movies are geared towards the average moviegoer and not the hardcore comic book fans. There are easter eggs thrown in here and there, but most of the films are geared towards people who don’t know the characters.

        This is one of the reasons why whenever there’s a “reboot” of a franchise we get another origin film. LOL

      2. ^they should release the director’s cut.
        i’m interested in how that would have went.

        i just finished it and enjoyed it.
        i don’t know much about suicide squad so i went in with no expectations.
        comic books fans hated it with a passion.
        they should really stick to the comics if they want die hards to be happy.

        i think they cross a fine line with the walking dead in that regard.

      3. As much as people complained, they went to see it in droves. It made over $300 million domestically, and well over $700 million worldwide.

    2. Not only the fans but the actor Jared Leto who played joker was upset that a lot of his scenes were cut. I think when the first trailer for the movie premiered a lot of people assumed that Jared Leto’s joker would be the film’s main villain and not the enchantress .

      1. ^this enchantress thing is a little confusing.
        i love that killer croc is a negro LOL

        is amanda waller supposed to be bad?
        she is one character i can’t get a read on.

      2. Amanda Waller isn’t bad. she just doesn’t take any shit from anyone.
        If you go and watch the Justice League Unlimited series, you will see how ruthless she can REALLY be. She confronts Batman in one scene where she tells him, “I’d be careful if I were you RICH BOY.” Letting him know, like in the movie, that she knows his identity.

      3. ^why did she kill at those f-bi agents in the office in the movie?

        i like her nonsense attitude.
        viola davis was a perfect choice to play her character.
        “amanda waller” and “annalise keating” are the same.

  2. Good to see you’re catching up on the comic book movies of the year. when I saw this movie a few months ago I already knew from the reviews and such what is expect before going in. I like it I knew it would have action I just wanted a better story and maybe a little more background on Harley and the joker but I realized they couldn’t do that because the movie was already overcrowded.

    The standouts for me were Amanda Waller and definitely Harley Quinn, I can see why they want to go ahead and do that Harley Quinn solo movie.

    1. ^i’m ready for that harley quinn movie!
      i hope they add catwoman and poison ivy.
      that would be a good watch.

      i will say i don’t get enchantress.
      that’s my only critique as i’m watching.

      1. Yeah, it’s supposed to be a Harley Quinn solo movie with the women of the Batman universe so females like cat woman, batgirl poison ivy and and such. at least that’s what the rumors say. Look up the series Gotham girls to give you a feel of the direction of how the movie might go.

      2. @Mikey…unfortunately it will never go that way! Hollywood has a way of taking the source material and fucking it up.

      3. This is what I meant her, rick flag, and capt. boomerang didn’t seem like they served a true point. Even katana seemed semi-pointless because they were just there.

        I know a bit about Enchantress but it felt like they really just threw her in the story just to throw her in the story.

        I think assault on Arkham did a better job getting the squad together and etc. I think if they had focused on a story that wasn’t the typical “save the world” situation this movie plot-wise would have been amazing but outside of that it was enjoyable aka pure fuckin’ fun.

  3. The majority of people are over critical when it pertains to any DC or non Disney-Marvel film, so it’s best to make your own assessment after you’ve seen it for yourself.

  4. I’m going to be honest when I first saw the trailer and heard harley speak I was really not here for it. I considered her a “hot topic” harley quinn and I was disappointed with that and the joker I didn’t love his look.

    However after seeing the movie it was really really enjoyable, the characters were hilarious the story was fun just pure fun there was a deep message but seriously it was just pure fuckin’ fun.

    Harley fuckin’ Quinn, this was literally her movie and I think they knew they had a lot riding on her being amazing and I think they picked the right person to do so
    Viola davis being a bamf
    Will smith was also the star

    although I felt the other characters were backgrounders and rick flag as well as the villains had literally no purpose it was still a good film.

    Like most comic books the nerd community wants everything to be perfect and if its not exactly like they see it they’ll hate it, however if it’s something that the media hates they’ll say nobody understood it nor got it even if it’s not really good, ex: batman v superman.

  5. i was right on how they portrayed joker and harley.
    they had joker as some prince charming for harley.
    joker stayed beating her and treating her like shit.
    there was a disconnect between the comic version and the movie.

    1. The comics never did their relationship justice. BTAS had some great episodes exploring the dichotemy of their fucked up relationship.
      She was a battered woman, suffering more verbal abuse than physical, on the show.
      But she always went back to him…because she loved him.

  6. The movie would’ve made more sense IF the Joker was the main villain. The premise of the suicide squad is to do covert missions that are dangerous. Why would you send a merc, a pyromaniac, and a crazy girl with a bat after an ancient God. It would’ve made more sense to send criminals after a criminal (the joker). I also had a problem with the little puttys that were no threat at all.

    Overall the movie was okay. I enjoyed Amanda Waller, Harley and deadshot. I am sooooo here for a Harley & Poison Ivy movie. It could be the two girls going out for a night of crime and Batgirl has to round them up. Someone suggested Lady GaGa for poison Ivy and I would love that

    1. Honestly I read a comic on their friendship/open relationship and I could see that working out well.

      I have a feeling that we will see a more fleshed out joker story soon because people fuck with that batman villain tbh.

  7. ^”The premise of the suicide squad is to do covert missions that are dangerous. Why would you send a merc, a pyromaniac, and a crazy girl with a bat after an ancient God?”

    i can completely see that.
    you make absolute sense with that.
    maybe even another villain.

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