How They Just Gonna Make Me Emotional Like Dis?


you ever saw a movie trailer that gave you chills?
i lovvvvvveeeee those kind of movie trailers.
i love it when i see them live in the theater.
people start clapping and cheering.
i love people’s reactions to thing,
ya know?
that gets me off.
well these two movie trailers had me all in my feelz…

…and then wonder woman gonna show her ass up.



batman vs superman: 3/23
suicide squad: 8/5

i’ll be there.
will you?

lowkey: so the suicide squad are bad guys forced to do good?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “How They Just Gonna Make Me Emotional Like Dis?”

  1. High air five βœ‹πŸΎ

    I was wondering when you were going to get around to talking about this. I’m so pumped for both of these movies, Batman v Superman looks so good and dark, as much as I love Marvel movies I like the grittiness I’ve seen from the trailer. Plus I never though we would get to see Wonder Woman on the big screen, let alone with her own movie coming out next year😍😍

    As for Suicide Squad it looks like a fun ride I’m totally down for. I hope Margot Ribbie kills it as Harley Quinn.

    If you have any questions about Suicide Squad I suggest you watch the animated movie this live action film will be taking a lot of notes from. I think it’s called ‘Suicide Squad assault on arkham”, you should be able to find it online for free somewhere.

    This year is defiantly the year of the Comic book movie with so many options.

    P.S. Plus Henery Cavil (the actor playing Supes) can get me into any theater with his sexiness.

    1. ^i’m going to check out that cartoon movie!
      i need a good watch so i’m prepared.

      this is def the year of the comics.
      i think x men and captain america have movies coming out as well.

  2. Batman vs Superman movie I’m not too hyped about it because I’m really over Superman now and I never like Batman. However, Suicide Squad look so damn good, so I am looking forward to it, plus Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse

  3. Im sorry, but when my Batman looks like a rip off of an Iron Man and My wonder woman looks like the thin shadow of herself…I cant get with it. Plus I cannot forget or forgive Daredevil. I loved the Dark Knight Trilogy and feel like that story line would have went perfectly with this version of Superman. And to add injury to insult, Ben Aflac wants to write and produce Batman himself…he needs Jesus.

    NOW Deadpool, and Suicide Squad I can get with…and again went beautifully with the Dark Knight Trilogy….ijs..

    1. I’m hyped for both films, but I just hope that they’re both done well. I’m not a big Ben Affleck fan, so I’m not too crazy about his Batman from what I’ve seen so far. I’m just glad that they’re trying to bring the JL to the screen, so I’m hopeful because I’m one of the few who enjoyed Man of Steel..

      As for the recent Batman films, I think they were seriously over-hyped films. Having had a chance to watch them again a few times, I found them long and boring. Christian Bale’s Batman voice was annoying as fuck. I prefer the original Tim Burton films, Batman & Batman Returns.

      Also looking forward to Suicide Squad and Deadpool, as well as X-Men Apocalypse, although I didn’t care for Days of Future Past so much.

  4. Not really feeling the first movie. I think it’s just crazy how they’re trying to make Batman compare to Superman, come on now. I’m more excited about seeing Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman really.

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