The Queen of All “What The Hell?”

wendy-williams-3031wendy williams has made it.
she went from “radio shock jock” to “subdued talk show host” kinda effortlessly.
she has caused so much controversy in the past tho.
all kind of folks wanted her banished.
will smith,
and lord knows who else.
well she just celebrated her talk show being renewed
for ( x the next 4 years ).
that means more wendy until 2020.
ya know…
i’m glad she got a solid gig because when i saw the trailer for her disheveled movie,
“queen of media”,
i had to ask myself if this was a joke

this has to be a joke,


…talk about “laughed out of this town”.
it had to have been a spoof….
when robin givens took a hit and slid down the wall>>>
i guffawed!
i can always count on wendy for the jokes.

lowkey: i find it kinda ironic she slapped sandra rose with a
( x cease and desist ).
i never knew wendy to not have a thick skin.
she must be getting old…
and forgetful.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “The Queen of All “What The Hell?””

  1. Soooo she could get a producer credit on the Aaliyah movie but she couldn’t get Lifetime to let her film her movie on their channel 🤔🤔

    P.S. I always thought Vivica Fox would play her 😶

    1. that was BEFORE her current talk show during her syndication days at WBLS maybe if you guys would read the damn book. And that clip came from BIMBO WOINEHOUSE not SANDRA ROSE who LIFTED it from BIMBO. GEESH JAMARI you gotta do better.

      1. ^boogie first and foremost,
        i’m always thankful but you are out of line.
        i saw the trailer and was disgusted.
        from wbls to now,
        it looks cheap and SHE could have done better.

        i wrote the part about wendy sending sandra a cease and desist.
        i added that in just as a random thought.
        i did not know where the clip came from,
        but all i know is i read that wendy williams doesn’t want sandra rose mentioning her anymore.

        if you knew the deal,
        you were welcomed to educate us so we could know better.


      2. @Boogie,

        You could of responded in a respectable manner instead of being an a*&hole about it. Also, I believe I know who you are, but I will keep that a secret…

  2. If you’ll haven’t watched the video of Whitney Houston and Wendy Williams interview you’ll need to. The late great Whitney Houston read her for filth.

  3. This reminds me of that TV movie Carmen, the hip-hopera with Beyonce and Mekhi Phifer. Even the biggest stars make stupid (low budget) mistakes during the earlier years of their careers.

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