The Pre-Baller Wolf Lets His Secret OUT.


he is sexy,

nice lips
handsome face
tats ( #dontjudgeme )
pre baller wolf

well guess what?
the secret is out!
pun intended?
a foxholer introduced me to brandon davis,
and now i’m going to introduce him to the foxhole.
check what he wrote to out sports with a video to accompany it…


I always told myself I’d come out my freshman year of college. Playing Division I football put that on hold.

Growing up I thought being different was normal. I realized that I was attracted to guys in elementary school, but it wasn’t until about eight grade taking sex education classes that I knew it for sure. Being involved with sports, I thought it would be best to keep that side of me hidden, only to avoid conflict with my teammates. Not that I cared about what they thought, I just thought it didn’t need to be announced because it wasn’t relevant to getting the job done for winning a game. While it may have avoided some kind of conflict, internally that did a number on me.

I was always really good at sports because I am, well, very fast. I started out as a sprinter, and every year in high school I broke a school record in at least one event. I ran the 100m dash, 200m dash, and all the sprint relays.

In high school I was introduced to the game of football. At first it took me a while to get the hang of it; I still remember not even knowing how to hold a football. The quarterback would just give me the ball and, because I was fast enough, I just ran to the edge of the field and cut up field and scored constantly using the same exact play.

By my junior year I had the game of football down. I developed enough skills that I got noticed by multiple college football and track coaches from some pretty big universities. My senior year I rushed for 1,900 yards, scored 28 touchdowns and was the offensive MVP of my 7 4a district in Dallas/Fort Worth. I was also an all-state running back in Texas.

That got me an invitation to play for Louisiana Tech.

As a true freshman at Louisiana Tech I was given the shot to play along side two other great running backs – Tevin King and Kenneth Dixon. Being a true freshman playing in front of packed stadiums holding over 40,000 people was exhilarating. Yet something was eating at me.

In high school I told myself I’d come out my freshman year in college. I didn’t want to let myself down. So after becoming really close to one of my teammates I felt we were close enough that he could be the first person I told. Before I told him I wanted to see how he would react, so I asked how he would feel having a gay teammate.

“Dude are you serious?” He said. “That’s gross. I’d tell everyone on our team and make him want to quit.”

I pushed the pause button on my commitment to come out.

After finishing my freshman year at Louisiana Tech, I just wasn’t very happy there. The school was great, but I needed a new scene. So I got in touch with another coach at Montana State University in Bozeman, where I was offered a full ride scholarship to play football. This was like a dream come true, to be given another opportunity to play at another Division I school without the burden of paying for it myself.

Yet going to Montana State was, for a while, the most depressing time of my life. I never got the chance to finish out a full season because my knees started to give out on me, resulting in two ACL tears and surgeries. I was also depressed being in such a small town and hiding who I was. The depression got so bad that I was loosing weight and not taking my football workouts seriously. I resorted to pills.

The injuries and depression caused a halt to my athletic career. I just couldn’t handle all the surgeries and stress, and my mind was just racing every day thinking about being a gay athlete. So between my sophomore and junior year in college, my coaches and I officially agreed that my career in football was finished.

The end to my football career was bittersweet, because I finally felt it was time to stop hiding who I was. I started talking to guys using online dating apps to possibly meet with others who identified themselves as gay. Once I even brought a guy around my teammates, but we were super discreet.

This same guy was the reason for my coming out. Being that I was new to the whole “gay scene,” I fell pretty hard for this guy. Then out of no where, he cut me off on all forms of communication leaving me confused and scared as hell. I thought he was gathering information to out me in front of everybody to black mail me. I was the definition of paranoid at this point. This caused me to have consistent thoughts of suicide, and my GPA dropped drastically.

I went into such a depression that I ended up coming out to my sisters and academic advisor, or else I may have acted on my life-threatening thoughts. They took it extremely well, and I felt so comforted that I managed to somehow finish out that semester passing all of my classes.

The following summer, after finishing out my depressing semester I fully came out of the closet on social media. June 25, 2015 at 2:34 pm. This was the best day of my life. I was finally free of hiding behind the mask I put on for society. I was able to be me. Coming out as an African-American athlete was crazy. It spread like wildfire. I wanted everyone to know that I am who I am. Regardless if someone accepts me or not, I’ll survive and find people who do accept me.

I was no longer living a lie and I will never go back in the closet for anyone. Being out is literally the best feeling in the world. There is no better feeling than knowing who you are and accepting it. It’s like I was reborn, and since that day my life has drastically changed for the better.

With the confidence and time for my knees to heal, I couldn’t accept the fact that I was done with sports. So instead I trained and joined the rugby team at Montana State. The best part about it is that my teammates know that I’m gay and have no problem with it. Some may not accept homosexuality, but that doesn’t affect the relationship we have. My team understands that my path in life has nothing to do with theirs, and therefore my life shouldn’t be the main focus of their worries.

I’m very thankful that my rugby team looks at me as a friend and teammate instead of the “gay guy”. The people I thought would have the most hate towards me are actually the people who turned out to be my biggest supporters. My teammates now joke with me comfortably about “gay things” that they have questions about.

After coming out, I received way more support than I thought was possible. It was amazing. For the two weeks prior to coming out I had at least two people come out to me and ask for advice. It was very overwhelming knowing realizing how many others were going through the same situation I was.

There were a few people who abandoned me, but it didn’t affect me one bit and still doesn’t. My family handled it very well, eventually. My dad was furious.

“I feel like there has been a death in the family,” he said. “Now I can’t talk about you”

This was the worst thing that was possibly ever told to me by my dad. This resulted in us not speaking for almost a month. Though, with time we realized that as father and son we shouldn’t worry about our disagreements and find things to connect on to help us build a stronger relationship.

My name is Brandon Davis, and I am a proud gay African-American athlete. Now I want to be there for other people like me. I understand the struggle of feeling alone and wanting acceptance. If I can help one individual at a time, that would be such a blessing for me. There’s no better copy than the original, and there is no better feeling in the world waking up without having to put on a mask. Know who you are and be yourself, you only get one time to be alive so don’t waste your years being a replica of what society wants you to be.

he is fione.
how far is montana from new yawk?

just askin…
for a friend
anyway i would definitely let him put a ring on it lookin like dis:

…but i am fox-sensing he is into playing in the snow tho.

a21ee2aa8potential “sigh”?
aren’t all the black wolves who come out the closet these days?
they announce and introduce “the snow fox”.

judging from his facebook:

“the judgmentals” are going to eat him alive about “being dl”.
the snow bunnies will be the icing on the cake as well.

“what other vixens has he LIED too?”
“they should all go get aids test”
“why couldn’t he have been honest?”

well look…
























tumblr_inline_o1deok72Tw1t4znpd_500fuck them because they don’t know shit.
he can cum right on home and lay his head in on my warm foxtail.
congrats on putting your card among “the outs” table brandon.
i also love what you said about not outing others.
people need to be ready and not be forced.

oh and don’t be out here fuckin’ up like michael sam and the rest.
you have a long road ahead


…but i think you can handle it.

lowkey: someone direct him to my foxhole.

article and video taken: outsports

pictures taken: facebook

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

42 thoughts on “The Pre-Baller Wolf Lets His Secret OUT.”

  1. Sorry JAY but this no different than some born again Christian who gives out his or her testimony. He is just telling a story of how his life’s experience built his character. And I love it personally on all sides. People should be able to express their concerns and tell others that they are not alone. He did in a venue where he didn’t alienated anyone either. So I see nothing disingenuous about what he did.

    You have every right not to give two fucks but that doesn’t mean that his story doesn’t resonated with others. It just comes off salty imo.

    I only say he is getting extra attention because he is attractive. Outsports has profiled a few less attractive black gay men over the years and its crickets in the black online community.

    1. I agree. His looks may be why he’s getting attention but surely, it doesn’t dilute the message.

  2. I think his story is important to some black SGL people. Y’all just salty because yall think he likes white men. Cut the bullshit.

    1. And there is nothing wrong with that either. Too many blacks are slave to white people and have this unrelenting lust and desire from them. Living and growing up in America and it’s racial inequality and state of affairs as of late, I don’t see why any black male would favour any white person over their own. They see you only for sex nothing more.

      1. I don’t get why a black person would prefer a white partner either. My problem is that other commenters are downplaying the significance of his story because of his presumed preferences. I get it if you’ve been out for forever (or never really had an opportunity to be in the closet) that these types of stories would be irrelevant for you but that’s obviously not the case for everyone.

    2. I don’t give a damn what color penis is going in and out, or all around his cavities lol

      His story has no significance to anyone other than him, his family, and the sheep that needed someone affirm their worth to keep them from
      “killing themselves” (which brings up other major issues about independent thinking imo). His story is no different from anyone else so why are we supposed to put him on a pedestal because he decided to do a story for the Internet?

      1. Who says he’s supposed to be put on a pedastal? He’s not getting a Nobel Peace Prize lol. Sheep? Independent thinking? Really? I didn’t realize that hiding one’s sexuality was merely some popular trend. All the cool gays are doing it huh? Geez I feel like I’m talking to a straight guy.

      2. Honestly, i apologize my message offended you man. I just created a video and wrote a story for others who were in my situation. I can say that i was not put on a pedestal and don’t have any intentions of that. But, from me personally I’m sorry you were offended by my story and i want you to know that i simply just wanted to spread awareness for gay athletes to now that regardless of their situation you can make things happen.

  3. Well I think it’s good he did. ThoughvI didn’t read much on, it’s good in a sense that he may inspire others who are battling their own sexual demons.

    Everyone isn’t comfy & though I don’t think there should be a massive celebration, it is good for the community Inna way and for people to see that gay men & women exist all over in all professions

    This may be all that is needed to keep someone from doing something terrible & to let them know they are not alone.

  4. I couldn’t read the whole thing. It too much plus you hear it once, you hear it all, but as soon you mention about him playing in the snow (i get that vibe too) I kinda lost my interest with him now. I have nothing against a black wolf liking white men only but I’m not going to interest my time to being attracted to someone who don’t find me attractive just I’m black. Plus I’m not gonna lie, I’m getting sick n tired of black men being only attracted to white men as if they are the only male species in this world.

    1. I am curious you said you lost interest in him because he MAY be into white guys.Yet I have seen you show interest in a straight guy who is into women.So what’s the difference? No shade but in all likelihood,neither guy is interested in you.Of course there is the possibility that the straight guy may get down with guys on the low.There is also the possibility that this guy dates black guys.

      1. Show interest to who? I don’t show interest in str8 guy, I might give compliments and be playfully flirting, but that doesn’t mean that I actually want to sleep with them because like you said they are str8. But how it’s going to be shade when neither of them will ever meet me in real life tho? To answer your question, it different because that guy is actually gay and it’s no secret that majority of gay men, especially gay black men, are attract to white men. Plus I have experience gay black men who are only attracted to white men and they tend to be nasty assholes, but like you said he might date black guys (which I really doubt because gay men are very exclusive and close-minded except for sex)

        And no shade, but I know I will most likely end up being with a Spanish wolf instead of a black one because I have too much flavor that most black American men can’t even handle.

    2. Hey there, Im not one to judge anyone by their skin color. Personally i have no specific preference when it comes to white men or black men. Skin color is just a color to me, its based on chemistry. BUT you have to realize I’m in Montana haha. So no offense is taken to why so many people assume that.

  5. A little disheartening to read so many negative comments from our own. I understand Jay’s point (and others who have commented something similar), but visibility is the gateway to normalcy and if him telling his story encourages any other young, black boy or girl to live freely and be their authentic self, then I’m all for it. More love, less hate.

    And for the race comments, the boy goes to school in Montana. There aren’t that many black folks up there. Therefore, of course most of those in his circle are going to be snow angels. Calm down.

  6. I completely understand his story and I am happy that he is no longer harboring his truth. Must be such a release to let it out, even though it is no one else’s business.

    Now, I wonder how does he get down. He has some nice lips.

  7. I came out to my family when I was 18. I’m still waiting for that cliché “flourishing” feeling that every gay guy in the media claims to have once they come out. Because when I came out I felt awkward for a while. Sure there was no more hiding, but I still felt weird.

  8. I’m really glad he did not commit suicide out of fear and glad he didn’t grow up self-loathing as so many do. He seems well balanced. I’m happy he’s living his truth. I wish him well and hope others, young and old can be inspired by him. His persona may help dispel some of the stereotypes people have about us.

  9. So he essentially ran from the south to Montana for what? So he can get gay with white boys? Look, I’m happy that he has found his peace, and I’m more than sure he couldn’t give two f@cks about what Black Pegasus thinks of him, but baby your gayness was never a secret. Looking at that video and those pics – it’s easy to see you are one of the kids. And take those damn non prescription eye glasses off! You really getting on my nerves. 🙁

    1. Nobody needs to go to Montana to get white boys,there are plenty of white boys in Louisiana.

    2. Hey man, sorry i got on your nerves i was only trying to help others honestly. Im apart of the lgbt awareness group at montana state to help kids who are in the closet to help individuals be comfortable with who the are whether they’re gay or not. Also my glasses are prescription, I’ve been wearing them since i was 8. I didn’t run from Louisiana to Montana its just i wasn’t happy there and got offered another scholarship to play here in Montana. And i appreciate the feedback about me being gay not being a secret, most of my teammates said they new to. Its not like i was hiding i just never said it. I obviously knew i was… lol. Also, Im not into basing my selection off of skin color i find beauty in everyone culture. A lot of people say I’m for the white boys but honestly, I’ve never dated anyone.

  10. Ever since gay marriage was legalized a lot of hot dudes are coming out the closet in every country that legalizes gay marriage they are developing a cure for a HIV and aids

    1. ^is it going to cost a fortune for a prescription/medical procedure that only the rich will be able to get?

      am I the only one who believe magic never had hiv?
      or if he did,
      he was cured?

      1. Brazil got the highest gay male population in the world because they got they cure for HIV STDs and aids down in Brazil.the American government is trying to hide it so they can make money off the sick

  11. It is good to see people live in their truth. However, I do in fact wish people would be upfront with the people they are dating because wasting someones time is never fair. We all have a right to honesty. He is cute tho.

  12. Good for him, it’s nice to see he’s not living in fear anymore. I didn’t get any I’ll ulterior motives vibes while reading his story, he seemed genuine. As for him most likely being into snow wolves and foxes, it wouldn’t surprise me but I do a “wait and see” on that. Hope he’s able to fulfill what goals he has for himself.

    1. ^LOL

      i guess to help others “follow in his footsteps”.
      the last few “outs” were major disappointments.
      lets hope brandon doesn’t make me roll my eyes.

      1. I’m so tired of these self serving people that want a cookie and a pat on the back for everything!

        You want to help people? Go mentor some of these youth that might be dealing with the same issues you dealt with.

        They don’t do that. They just want to be a click on social media and the Internet.

        Don’t write me a long ass story that’s similar to MILLIONS of other stories and expect to hold my attention span. You want a gold star or nah?

        It’s just grandstanding to me.

        This isn’t just a homo thing either, this is for all the “internet social activists” smh

      2. Well I have read literally hundreds of comments and tweets on Twitter and IG from LGBT people who credit all these people who have publicly come out for inspiring them.I have read comments from LGBT people who claim they were contemplating suicide until they saw someone with a similar story to theirs tell their story.So whether it is Michael Sam,Jason Collins,Miles Brock from Love and Hip Hop,etc.If them telling their story gives hope,courage,strength to ANYONE than I am all for it.I don’t really care what their motive is for going public.

        Jamari ,you are a role model in a sense.Everyday you publicly share your trials,tribulations,etc with strangers and I am sure you have inspired some guys.I am sure some guys have gained strength and hope from you sharing your story.What’s the difference? If the end goal is to keep people from feeling like they are alone,that they are hopeless,that maybe one day they will be able to share their secret with the people in their world.What is the problem?

        So whether a person goes public with their sexuality,an illness,domestic abuse,etc.I don’t see a problem was with it.One of my neighbors 15 year old nephew came out after watching Miles story on LHHH.This is a 15 Black boy from a religious family growing up in Houston in 2015 who still felt alone and was contemplating suicide.He DM’d Miles and told him thanks for sharing his story.So that ratchet reality show may have saved a person’s life.

        People who personally know LGBT people are less likely to hate them so to me the more visibility,the better.I am tired of seeing people die in the closet.I am tired of people engaging in destructive behavior because they are consumed with hiding their secret.This guy’s story may not help you but it may help someone.

    2. @ Jay,

      I posted a similar response on another message board and had to drag people with facts and logic. They were trying to come for me left and right. Also, I want to know if this baller was not attractive would they be blowing it up?

    3. LOL! Honestly, I didn’t bother reading either, but sometimes these public displays DO help people in some way, so I will support that aspect of it.
      Idk, these public displays make me look at these guys with the side-eye after Michael Sam. You just never know who’s in it solely for the publicity, to me, that’s extortion of the gay experience.
      On the other hand, with all these outing websites, you might as well get the jump before they get the jump on you! I just don’t know if I would put myself in that situation when i’m not even “known” yet, just to deal with morons in the locker room with their “opinions” and ideologies on my sexuality. If my passion is sports, then that would be the focus, whether I’m gay or not should be irrelevant, whether I get outed or not.
      For these reasons, I will forever remain in the shadows.

      1. If you would’ve read the post you’d see that i mentioned me being gay was irrelevant to my success in sports….
        But I’m sorry you were offended by my story. Kinda sad that someone who’s apart of a culture thats already looked down upon can’t accept someone for doing something to help better themselves. But hey, everyone has a voice so i have no room to criticize what you have to say. Hope all is well.

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