It’s Coming Down On Me Hard! (Blizzard ’16)

tumblr_meunvc2dnq1qb30dwo1_500so its officially coming down.
(btw: check out this apple music playlist,
“chillin’ by the fire”
“blizzard ’16” has landed over the new yawk forest.
immediately after work,
i went and bought:


canned goods
snowed in food for breakfast and lunch
(just remembered:
i forgot the damn hot chocolate and whip cream!


there was this fine brown wolf in the store stocking up on…
i can just imagine being #snowedin with him.
now my question is,

and maybe this shouldn’t be my problem,

mi didn’t buy anything.
i told her she should go to the store and get some food.
she claims she gonna survive off a box of pizza and water.

i hope she don’t think we sharing up in here?
she has been spending her money stupidly as of late.
so again…

Maybe this is not my problem?

lowkey: aside from her…
i wonder who gonna go get some ass/pipe tonight off jack’d/grindr?

is it ever that serious to walk through a snow storm to get some,
to then have to walk back home after?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “It’s Coming Down On Me Hard! (Blizzard ’16)”

  1. And to think a few short weeks ago it was like spring ugh oh well lol

    if none of the stores are open over the weekend then mi’s problem will become your own. I mean you did warn her and I don’t know how her stomach works but if I’m stucked in the house like this tv and food become my go to. A box of pizza and water ain’t gonna cut it for me 😑

    P.S. I’m check out that playlist this over this snowy weekend, hope everyone stays safe and warm

  2. I am so glad I live in the south. I cannot stand the cold. It was dang near upper 70s the other day and now its like 42…wind chill 34….

    I know that’s not cold compared to the north but its cold to me..😂

    The weather doesn’t stop booty calls….Some dudes will walk on water and part the Red Sea to gain access to some peen/booty…

  3. I hope the fine brown wolf have a warm place because alcohol and cold weather doesn’t go hand and hand. I heard it dangerous.

  4. Lol at the New Edition gif

    I don’t share food…at all. Anyone who knows me knows this lol

    People should not be traveling through snowstorms for hookups and then going back home. This is that time to invite that one you been fucking but you’re lowkey trying to get know better over to stay a few days.

    Someone that you can stand to be around and doesn’t steal or kill btw lol

      1. LMAO! Yep, when people start bragging about October due dates, you’ll think back to when the procreation commenced.

  5. You see if I was up there I’d have me a nice, domesticated bottom stay for a few days and I’d have baking and cooking in his underwear between multiple pound downs he’d enjoy. Might even have two bottoms. They could be sister bottoms lmaoooooo

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