damn, they just yoinked the mask right off of ellen, huh?

i’ve heard many rumors over the years about ellen.

Ellen is a demon!!!

i’ve heard of people who worked under her,
or at that job,
that left with no good stories to share.
a boss who isn’t toxic won’t have their work environment like that.
it made me disappointed in ellen.
she is “dory” in “finding nemo” dammit!
i mean hell…
she came out and still made a way despite the obstacles in her path.
well this news hit and it’s about to be a wash via “variety“…

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Falling Into The Traps I’ve Set (For Myself)

tumblr_mqlgdc7cDC1su70r5o1_500i am the problem maker.

that’s not exactly the most positive thing to say.
every so often,
i’m able to see the error in my ways and call myself out.
i don’t know.
i’ve noticed how i can be on the straight and narrow.
things could be going well and i’m on top of the mountain.
onward march!
the next,
something will happen,
and i’ll be knocked off and down on my knees in the valley.
a dark one where traps are set everywhere.
the traps the enemy has set to feel worse about myself.

Why is this?…

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Harley Quinn and The Clothes She Wears

bruce-timm-batman-animated-series-harley-quinn1^this is the harley quinn i’m use to.
harley quinn is an interesting villian in the batman series.
hell the way how she became “harley quinn” is kinda crazy.

background: she was a therapist at arkham asylum when she fell in love with joker.
she decided to leave her career behind and follow his crazy ass.
sad part is he don’t love ha’h!
he just uses her and treats her like shit.

sounds like people we may know.
anyway harley quinn will be featured in the anticipated movie,
“suicide squad”.
she will be played by margot robbie of “wolf of wall street” fame.
will smith,
jared leto,
and viola davis also star.
they took some candids on the set of harley quinn and well…
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