Who Wants To Do “Good Cop Bike Cop” With Kerry Rhodes?

kerrrhodeswell doesn’t ^that look like the best seat in the house?
wouldn’t i like to know…
so an f-bi sent me the trailer of foxhole fav kerry rhodes new webseries,
“good cop bike cop”.
it follows two bike cops in the suburbs who stumble upon a crime ring.
something about those socceer moms were always suspicious to me.
anyway lets take a look…
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Kerry Rhodes Wants To Get You Arrested

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 12.10.26 PMmy kerry has a new job since being a free agnet.
he’s a bike cop.
he is writing some mean tickets and takin’ names later.
i kid.
kerry has been low key filming his new web series,
“good cop; bike cop”.
written by tami ferrell,
he just wrapped up a shoot…

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Who’s Yo Daddy? Huh? Who Is It?……. Uh You Maybe? I Dunno.

KERRYRdaddyi wouldn’t mind calling kerry rhodes “daddy”.
has a nice ring to it.
in a twist that i didn’t see coming,
allegedly he might be kim k’s baby daddy.
stop laughing!
you have to read the rest!
bossip has it and well…

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It’s The Comeback/Testimony… Kids.

kerrymonthey say when someone tries to block your blessings,
you remain calm and let god handle it.
it’s easier said than done when the heat is being turnt up.
“fire is the test of gold; adversity, of strong men.”
i was just reading about kerry’s new production company.
you should read it too…

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