Who Wants To Do “Good Cop Bike Cop” With Kerry Rhodes?

kerrrhodeswell doesn’t ^that look like the best seat in the house?
wouldn’t i like to know…
so an f-bi sent me the trailer of foxhole fav kerry rhodes new webseries,
“good cop bike cop”.
it follows two bike cops in the suburbs who stumble upon a crime ring.
something about those socceer moms were always suspicious to me.
anyway lets take a look…

well the acting looks kinda sketchy,
but i’d give the first episode a shot.
look i’ll be honest and not kiss kerry’s ass.
not his ass…

tumblr_muikv1BOSn1rhapbso6_250who knows he might be shirtless in a few scenes.
you can look out for “good cop bike cop” premiering later on this year.

x go to youtube channel for “good cop bike cop”

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Who Wants To Do “Good Cop Bike Cop” With Kerry Rhodes?”

  1. aww i like Kerry.he made some bad choices but we all make mistakes…..good to see he is doing something..NFL lost a damn good player

  2. At 1:29 why is there a poster of a half naked man in his bedroom? Hmm I am sensing some queerness from him now. I will give it a shot because of Betsy.

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