Terrell Owens Is Getting Hitched! (Yes, You Read Right)

wpid-http3a2f2f24-media_-tumblr-com2f1438f5b7bda9b7ce5b772f0211ea4ae02ftumblr_mtaozjveqz1rc70kgo7_500well this is unexpected news,
but ex baller wolf terrell owens is tying the knot.
i know!
 i literally had to sit up for this story tmz just posted…

Terrell Owens is finally gonna get his ring … ’cause the former NFL star is GETTING MARRIED … TMZ Sports has learned. 

We know … the 40-year-old wide receiver has obtained a marriage license in L.A. which shows he’s planning to get hitched to Rachel Snider, a 33-year-old postal worker from Texas. 
FYI — Snider is NOT one of Terrell’s FOUR baby mamas. As far as we know, they have no children together. 

It’s unclear how the two met … but here’s a shocker, it WASN’T on T.O.’s old VH1 reality show, which documented his (unsuccessful) search for the perfect mate. 

As for the wedding, the marriage license is only good until April 8 … so T.O. and Rachel have to swap “I dos” sometime before then, or else they’ll have to apply for another license.

Bc3R-ocCMAAxUmsWe’re told the couple has been pretty hush hush about their engagement — because, unlike Terrell, Rachel isn’t obsessed with the spotlight.

im confused,
but congrats to the happy “very super de duper on the low” couple!
i like this feeling as a blogger when im completely blind sided.
its like a high.
so i guess i’ll ask for you:
who is paying for this wedding?

lowkey: well at least he is marrying a regular chick.
well waitaminute
his baby mamas are all “regular chicks”.
there is a positive in there somewhere!
i’ll find it.
wait got it…

they are both marrying for love!

found: tmz
twitter: terrell owens
twitter: rachel snider

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11 thoughts on “Terrell Owens Is Getting Hitched! (Yes, You Read Right)”

  1. since the death of the PT here in Atlanta all of a sudden their getting married, side chicks are having babies as a diversion. Word on the street is he had detailed journals and not sure whose hands they are in there’s a lot of high profile dudes sweating.

  2. That woman looks like she’s been beat by the ugly stick. Terrell Owens is half-way crazy and he seems that he has a case of Jungle Fever for the white women. (And white hair, noses, skin and eyes and lips.) He has impressed me as a self-hating, racist Negro.

  3. The jokes write themselves with this clown. This man seems to be trying to find himself and having baby mama’s and marrying Caucasian women is not going to help in his search. I just dont know about TO he seems to be Koo Koo and not for Coco puffs. He is going to have to face some harsh realities about himself to find real and true happiness, but congrats anyway on the engagement.

  4. I bet we’ll here he got some chick pregnant during their honey moon.Hoes always think marriage will cure them of their tendencies.

    5 baby mommas and 6 kids later, now this ho wants to settle down.The ring will not keep his dick in his pants.

    I’m so tired of dudes not having any morals or standards these days.They have no dignity.Like Ludacris and Dwayne Wade.I hate when they try to use loopholes to explain their stupid decisions when they’re really just skanks.

    I really shouldn’t expect much from celebrities.Especially athletes and rappers.They literally have pussy on a platter.

  5. She’s pregnant, and he is trying to ensure that he will look good in the situation. No more baby mamas.

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