Jay Z, Uncle Luke, and Two Lesbians Shoot The Breeze

Jay-Z-507696-1-402jay z has come a long way from his second album.
well some footage just surfaced with jay,
getting an interview from uncle luke about his second album,
while some chick eats another out next to him.
you read the last part right.
this is NSFW and 18^...

look at jay face.

“hey chick,
you got anything you want to say to jay z?”

-1like, how random was that interview?
where we supposed to be paying attention to jay z
or the hoe giving a in depth gyno exam next to him?

i know uncle luke was ratchet.com in the 90s tho.
too bad nowadays two hoes enjoying a tongue bath is considered a pg-13 disney movie.

lowkey: i loved the stories i heard about the legendary freaknik.
hell the tunnel in ny sounded like the bomb.
that is was where “ratchet” was really born.

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Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “Jay Z, Uncle Luke, and Two Lesbians Shoot The Breeze”

  1. Damn Im getting old, I actually remember watching this when it first aired, Uncle Luke used to be my favorite thing on cable since there were no internet sites to keep you entertained in those days. He was ahead of his time, it was like the black version of the playboy channel. Let me tell you some of his old DVD’s had boys doing all kind of wild shit like getting naked and girls putting fingers and bottles in their asses. With the internet all the racy Luke stuff seems so dated now. Damn I didnt even know who JayZ really was when this came on. I think I still have this on a VHS tape some where in my storage lol.

  2. OH DAAAAMMMNNN….That’s what’s up right there. She was eating that kitty, eating it real good.

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