you’re (not) going down

i went to a cookout with pose and her squad.
pose has been trying to get this fox down to bk for a hot minute.
i’ve been feeling pretty good lately,
and in wanting to do more this summer,
so i made my way down there.
i had an amazing time,
even tho ima need mike woods of “fox 5” to get his weather forecast in order.

during my time with them,
an interesting convo perked my ears up.
one of the vixens was interested in messing with a stud.
her only stipulation:

“If Ima mess with a female,
I don’t want to go down on her.
Do I have to?”

“You don’t have to go down on her.
She’s a pleaser…”

that right there,
i found very interesting

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Lesbians Only Play Basketball

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 8.03.33 PMwell i didn’t say it.
sidebar: i really need to find foxhole terminology for lesbians.
do they even need one?
anyway so another baller wolf; another child support drama.
this time one involving nba baller wolf for the golden state warriors,
andre iguodala.
the irony in what he said about basketball and lesbians.
well his baby mama used that in a testimony at a child support hearing.
his is what tmz has to report…
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Joe Budden Turns Gay Girl’s Straight

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.34.15 PMif i had a coochie,
his voice alone would make me drip down to my knees.
inside voice.
joe budden,
aside all his craziness,
is a pretty sexy wolf.
am i right?
well he claims he has the super d.
its powers?
turning all the gay chicks he slept with straight
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I Hear She Got Her Licker License

tumblr_ml41te2hUw1r3uckho1_250 tumblr_ml41te2hUw1r3uckho2_250lezbunz.
card carrying licker license members.
the only “acceptable” way to be with the same sex in today’s society.
or is it?
i sure don’t see the bible thumpers attacking “girl on girl”.
almost every vixen now has her licker license.
some were skeptical to get it,
but since it seems to attract more wolves and baller wolves,
they quickly added it on their dating resume….
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Jay Z, Uncle Luke, and Two Lesbians Shoot The Breeze

Jay-Z-507696-1-402jay z has come a long way from his second album.
well some footage just surfaced with jay,
getting an interview from uncle luke about his second album,
while some chick eats another out next to him.
you read the last part right.
this is NSFW and 18^...
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I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (7)

studs in detroit beat up these fems because they hit their car.
the following made me want to hire security

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