I Hear She Got Her Licker License

tumblr_ml41te2hUw1r3uckho1_250 tumblr_ml41te2hUw1r3uckho2_250lezbunz.
card carrying licker license members.
the only “acceptable” way to be with the same sex in today’s society.
or is it?
i sure don’t see the bible thumpers attacking “girl on girl”.
almost every vixen now has her licker license.
some were skeptical to get it,
but since it seems to attract more wolves and baller wolves,
they quickly added it on their dating resume….
“i mean, hi.
my name is sha’equinox.

you can call me “sha”.
anywayz i likes long walks on the beaches,
sunflower seeds,
and the taste for wet coochie every first and last friday of the month.
uh huh shootz.”

tumblr_mhwv0i8LrS1ruz6zso1_500i often wonder if wolves really like lezbunz?
sure its all good when rihanna has her tongue down some chick’s throat,
but what happens when she catches feelings for said chick?
what happens when a stud comes in the picture?
is it still all good when his chick leaves him for “her”?
or is it one big party where the beverage of choice is “bodily fluids”?
when it comes to these new mainstream lezbunz and bi sexual vixens

When is it wrong?

21 thoughts on “I Hear She Got Her Licker License

  1. I also think it has to do with gender roles.People are always talking shit about gay men because they see us as weak.They assume that we’re feminine like women type femininity.We sort of do it too but not in the same way.You’ll hear a lot of bottoms complaining about not being respected and that’s because they play the submissive role during sex i.e being the women.A lot of women complain about their sexuality not being taken seriously.I think it has to do with the fact that the top or man is in control.Also, the penetration thing, like you guys mentioned earlier as to why Lesbians are more accepted.People look at a man being penetrated as weak because he’s a man and men (according to gender roles) aren’t the submissive ones.

    You always here most people say “I’d be fine if my son was gay, as long as he’s the one that doesn’t get penetrated.”

    Fem Lesbian couples say that people don’t know they’re a gay couple and just assume they’re really good friends when they’re out on dates because they’re expecting one Lesbian to be the dominant one i.e the man aka butch.However, when a man does one thing that isn’t considered manly, people call him gay.Everyone is starting to get very dumb about it because they’re coming up with their own definitions of what’s considered gay.I heard these girls talking and they said if men wear scarfs then they’re gay.

    People are threatened by gays because we can be among them and they wouldn’t even know so they’re trying to come up with ways to tell who is and who isn’t, no matter how stupid those reasons are.

    Some of us are like Big Foot.You’ll never be able to catch us and if you do, it’s only a small glimpse.You’ll give it a few thoughts but you’ll let it go because there’s not enough sufficient evidence. lol

    1. Love this Zen, especially those last two paragraphs. They can’t avoid us, we are everywhere, and we can hang around straight niggas like it’s nothing. I used to be straight, so know how to play the game, and I can play it very well.They never know. Isaiah Pead thought he was avoiding something by blocking Jamari from his page. However, he forgot the ones on his page who are going undetected. A lot of us slide right on by and they do not even notice. We are their best friends, their teammates, their cousins, their co-workers, and classmates who they hang around everyday. Many of us float in both circles, straight and gay. We are peeping them on the low while they are sagging their pants and wearing their wife beaters.

      “Men who where scarfs are gay?” LMAO….These birds are do stupid and oblivious. Women think they can tell, but these men are right under their noses and in their beds. They do not even notice. We fool women into believing we are straight easily because they are blinded. Women have stopped me in my tracks just to talk to me, and I get a kick out of it because they don’t catch on. That is how straight I come off. What they do not get is, a lot of us exist who are like that. We turn on our charm, swag, and use our looks to get their panties soaking wet at the drop of a dime. A friend of mine was a thirst trap and every girls dream back in high school. He was kinda tall, jet black hair, clear dark skin, dark bedroom eyes, and he was well groomed. He could have gave Trey Songz a run for his money, dark and all. He drove all the females crazy and he had girlfriends. Would you believe for years he was trying to get with me on the low? Whenever we would play fight he would cop feels, and oh he knew just how to touch me just right lol. He even was jealous when I got a girlfriend, which meant his feelings for me ran deep. He wanted those girls he was with, but he wanted me too, which is the point I am making. You never know who is down. These boys they drool over are loving on them and men too.

      1. AMEN! A lot of women swear their gaydar is on point when a majority of the time, it is dead wrong. They stay running to the dude you know is down with guys.

        1. ^they usually say

          “yeah he is on the down low”

          …about some obvious queen.
          they create so much rah rah,
          while the real down low guy is really their man.
          you can’t tell em that tho.
          they always “right”.

  2. It is a double standard and it is not fair to us. It is all about the penetration part, and the hole it goes in, don’t forget about that.

  3. It is definitely not one big party.
    I remember hearing this story of this woman who was cheating on her husband with another woman. Her husband had already knew she was eatin pussy behind his back so he just confronts her and was like “why didn’t you just tell me? we could make this a 3sum” or something to that effect. The wife brings her sidechick home and they do 3sums and what not, but the two chicks start catching feelings for each other and they started leaving him out of the 3sum. So he did every damn thing he could to break them up. He started telling the side piece that his wife does shit like that all the time and that she’s not the only chick she’s with blah blah blah. The nigga thought he could accept it and everything was gonna be pussy poppin and two bitches suckin his dick all the time, but nah he was clearly wrong. He would have only accepted it if it was all about him and his dick. A lot of wolves think lesbianism is some kind of thirst trap.

    Wolves only like lezbunz if they’re both feminine and into him during the sex act. You know no damn wolf ain’t got fuck no butch hard nigga lookin chick and a lipstick lezbun at the same time.

      1. TRUE.
        There are a of dick-a-dyke chicks out there that will use each other to get a wolf
        I really do not think Erica and Cyn’s relationships is real and sincere
        It just seems so fake and forced.
        I mean all that making out during radio interviews and shit is really not necessary?

        am i the only one that thinks they look like sisters or close cousins?

        1. ^not in radio interviews tho lol
          yeah they look strangely alike.
          “error-kuh” seems like she is that vain to get with someone who looks like her doppelgänger.

    1. ^great comment f&f!
      guess they told his dumb ass lol
      on the flip side,
      100% lesbians don’t like bi sexual vixens.
      they call em “dick-a-dykes” and try to avoid them as much as they can.
      a great example: erica mena and cyn.
      you see the confusion when she was messing with rich dollaz while with cyn?

  4. It’s a very unfair double standard. If you’re a lesbian or bisexual woman, its cool or sexy. If you’re gay or a bisexual man, you’re a damn social outcast.

  5. Lesbians are accepted way more than us. Don’t get me wrong like lesbians are always sexualize by men and str8 women (just saying). But I always wonder do lesbians have longer relationship than gay men?

    1. ^lesbians jump into relationships really quick.
      its usually because they are more emotional.
      that being said,
      i always hear them complaining someone went crazy.

  6. (Trina Braxton voice) “Double standardization”
    I think lesbianism is more socially acceptable because they don’t penetrate each other with their sexual organs

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