Lesbians Only Play Basketball

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 8.03.33 PMwell i didn’t say it.
sidebar: i really need to find foxhole terminology for lesbians.
do they even need one?
anyway so another baller wolf; another child support drama.
this time one involving nba baller wolf for the golden state warriors,
andre iguodala.
the irony in what he said about basketball and lesbians.
well his baby mama used that in a testimony at a child support hearing.
his is what tmz has to report…

Golden State Warriors star Andre Iguodala does not want his daughter to take up basketball for fear she’ll become a lesbian … so says his baby mama in a bitter court case.

Clayanna Warthen testified Monday in a child support hearing, Andre had issues with 6-year-old daughter London playing basketball at school because he was worried she might “turn into a lesbian.”
TMZ Sports broke the story, Warthen wants Iguodala to pay $58k a month in child support … up from 16k a month. She says her daughter is a genius with a 151 IQ, already reading Harry Potter books.

Warthen grouses her baby daddy isn’t even paying for her full tuition and has shunned her, not even bothering to call on Christmas. Warthen says Iguodala saw London for a grand total of 9 hours in 2015. She says it’s so bad she needs money to cover London’s therapy.

Iguodala’s lawyer fired back, saying Warthen is trying to take his client to the cleaners. The lawyer says Warthen wants money for a personal chef and $7k for floor seats at 76ers games.

Iguodala’s lawyer says Warthen’s requests are “a prescription for spoiled children.”

does this mean he is a lesbian too?


i’m confused.
i’m also confused at the 9 alleged hours he spent with his cub.
like how you worried about your the cub becoming a lesbian.
but you only spent an alleged 9 hours with her in 2015?
i can’t seem to calculate that fuck shit.

58 thousand dollars a month does seem like a ton of money tho.
does a cub really need that much money for child care?
i guess so.
the joys of getting knocked up by a rich wolf.
to think…
somewhere in the hood,
pookie hasn’t paid a dime and is getting with it.
i hope these two in the article can work it out.

lowkey: ( x his instagram ) shows him so happy with some cubs.
are they from the new “situations”?
and what filter is he using?
his pictures look amazing.
i have more questions…

article taken: tmz

27 thoughts on “Lesbians Only Play Basketball

  1. So if this big pussy said what he said and the NBA hears about it and confirms it, i hope they fine his ass 54k. Another fucking ratchet ass BBaller who throws his dick around , got a child and now disrespects his child like a dumb fuck. I have no patience for sick, dead ass dads who neglect their children. He is an asshole, period. A damn disgrace to his team. Fuck him.

  2. Deadbeat dads 😒 9 hours? In a whole year, that’s not even half a day, who knows if she was napping part of those hours. He has no say so in her life at this point if he’s not putting in the time to have a relationship he pretty much signed away his parental rights, and I think you can call our lesbian sisters she-wolves lol that’s the best I could come up with

  3. looking up the family Canidae on Wikipedia, i got a couple ideas for a Lesbian nickname:

    Dhole, a highly social animal, living in large clans without rigid dominance hierarchies and containing multiple breeding females.

    and Bush Dog…. for the implications (lesbians please don’t hate me, i was just kidding.)

    Coyote isn’t too bad either. i like Minx since its an old word referencing a pet dog.

  4. This sounds like another case of a deadbeat father, no matter how rich. It seems all to common for SOME baby daddies not to know how to act when they have a daughter. Placing their dumb misogynistic ideals on their children like racist and homophobes do smh. Girls playing sports doesn’t make them gay, just like boys cooking doesn’t make them gay, please get it together.

  5. From his last name I can tell he’s African and Lord knows (I’m sorry, but it just an observation) those Africans come up with the most dumbest things ever like this Nigerian priest jumping on people and smacking them for God knows what. In Tanzania, it dangerous to be albino, they get chopped up because they will bring “fortune” -_- I’m just saying it from my observations and a little prejudice, I’m not gonna lie cause they always give me dirty looks and talk under their breathe when I walk by so I don’t give a shit if this is offensive.

  6. LOL @ playing b-ball makes girls lesbians. I won’t waste my time stating the obvious, I might lose brain cells lol, it’s just funny to hear these views. *sigh*
    This idiocy is exactly why I will never let my guard down about my sexuality, I will never delude myself into thinking that this is a free world. It could be, but with the “lack of brain cells, and thinking capacity” pandemic on this planet, it never will be.

    This planet will never be right while we keep focusing on the most miniscule aspects of nature, rather than dealing with our man made problems.

    Basketball= Lesbian THOUGH! The little girl is being active and she’s being called a lesbian, is she supposed to like pink, and dolls, and dresses? Will that make her NOT be a lesbian? I’ll just leave it there, I could go on all day lol.

    1. My family and friends on facebook recently got into a heated debate over whether it’s okay to buy a boy a play-oven set. Apparently(according to them) a boy playing with an oven set means he’ll grow up to be gay. So foxhole beware, your son pretending to cook something in a small plastic pan with a small plastic spatula on top of a sticker will make him want to take dick up his booty later on in life.

      I don’t think any of them even realized the sexist implications in their statements either. They were pretty much implying cooking sets are for little girls only because a woman’s place is in the kitchen. I had no idea it was such a big deal. I just assumed a play-oven set was a gender neutral toy. It’s not like you’re buying your son a Barbie dream house.

      1. Man, this is madness! Can’t even get the boy an oven set? This is sad, but not surprising.That would be an awesome opportunity to teach him how to cook and one of the first lessons of independence, which is great for the idea of masculinity anyway! A real man knows how to cook for himself, and handle his own in general, only a child relies on gender roles to DEFINE their masculinity, and rely on a woman to “play her role”.
        The arguments for “not getting him an oven set” are just counter-productive! A lot of these “gender-roles” and bending them can be used as life lessons to enrich these kids minds instead of teaching them to be mindless “typical” people who aren’t able to think for themselves or apply critical thinking. Hm.

        If it was a barbie set, then we could make arguments, but it’s still not causal! Humans don’t dictate nature! The proof is in all the masculine men who are gay, and I’m sure they weren’t all brought up on barbie sets!
        Gahh, I better stop here, or I’ll end up writing a thesis and 5000 word essay about this! LOL!
        You’re right, the sexist implications are plain as day! Mos def!

  7. She isn’t getting almost $60,000 for one child.There are billionaires who don’t pay that much for one child.Diddy and Russell Simmons only pay about $25,000 per kid . If this child gets $60,000 you can best believe the other baby mamas have their attorneys on speed dial.If she wants to send her daughter to a different school than get a job and pay the tuition.

  8. The issue that bothers me here is that the son is getting the shine and the love on IG…but this child is nowhere to be seen on his IG. Whether or not you mad at the momma…you had a child with that person and being a father is more than dumping money in the momma’s lap. His presence in that child’s life is GREATLY needed…especially for a young woman. A woman with a strong father figure in her life is a woman that will come to value herself more readily than most. NOT to say that a woman without a father figure doesn’t, but generally, they tend to fall prey to wolves and become the baby mama statistic because they’re looking for love in all the wrong places.

    Now whether or not this woman is lying about the amount of time that he spends with her, it’s sad that this becomes a money issue more than anything. These chicks need to stop, and these dudes need to stop nuttin’ up in anything that shakes their big ass and fake titties in their face. For them it’s about getting a “payday” (baby)…nothing more, nothing less. As my dad used to say, a moment’s pleasure can lead to a lifetime headache, leaving you to deal with someone you don’t give a damn about for as long as that child is alive.

    We all know that she’s looking for $58K a month to live a lifestyle of grandeur, and probably very little of that will actually go to the child. $16K is more than enough. One thing that she needs to realize though…that golden parachute will not last forever. At some point, he will end his NBA career and that amount will be reduced anyway.

    1. IMO,If he doesn’t feel any love or connection with his daughter than he shouldn’t be around her.The only thing worse than having an physical distant father not in your life ,is having an emotionally distant father who is in your life.She will sense how he feels about her .He is his daughter’s sperm donor .He is not a father IF he has only spent 9 hrs with her in the last year.Being around him will show her what’s it’s like to be in a relationship with a man who doesn’t love,respect or cherish her.Is that better than no relationship at all? I’m not one of those people who believe any relationship is better than no relationship at all.

      Hopefully this little girl will have another man step in to be a strong father figure like an uncle,grandfather,godfather…

      1. This comment speaks to me YC! I agree 100% Many people make the fallacy that living in a two parent home=stability. I know from personal experience that this isn’t always the case. I’ve learned that I’d rather take the absence of a useless parental figure over 2 sub-par role models ( not necessarily my situation, in general). Just because people with 2 parents have 2 good parents doesn’t mean everybody’s parents are these wise, all knowing beings who know what they’re doing. A lot of parents out here are just going through the motions. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother to death, and grateful for her sacrifices but I’ve had to learn to learn to think OUTSIDE the influence of my parents to shape my own opinions about how I think life should be. I gave up relying on them on them years ago, because I’m smart enough to make my own decisions, best decision I’ve ever made. A lot of my values come from my grandparents anyway, along with my more modern views with personal experiences, and sure plenty from my mother, but I’ve decided to pave my own path separate from them. Thank God for that lol.

        I say that all to say, it’s true, it’s not enough to have just 2 parents in the house, you need 2 role models, 2 PROVIDERS, and 2 people to love you and spend time with you, be there for you, properly influence you etc. for any of it to be worth. What’s the point of having a “parent” that is more akin to a really annoying roommate that you just want to disappear for your whole childhood, AND you have to be subjugated by them, while they don’t even know you, and do nothing but benefit off the situation while you’re miserable? Nah, bro, you can leave, I’m good. LOL

  9. Look if you make millions of dollars, realistically you’re probably going to spend more than $800 on your children. Child support should be appropriate to the parents income, not some arbitrary number we think is reasonable.

    I’m willing to bet that Kim and Kanye buy more 58k worth of clothes for North and Saint West. Blue Ivy Carter probably probably racks up more than 58k traveling.

    Why shouldn’t she get 58k a month if it’s not going to even put a dent in her fathers bank account?

    If he thinks the mother is going to spend it on herself he didn’t choose a very good woman to have his kids.

  10. Boy I tell ya some straight men are total idiots and really need to get their priorities in order its OK to be trifling deadbeat but oh no a homosexual just an acceptable lol! I’m truly convinced that this man has some serious issues that goes deep lol!

  11. That is quite a lot of money, and let’s be honest, baby mama would be spending that money on herself as well.

  12. Yes. We (lesbians) would like our own terminology. But side note :58k is a tad bit much. Andre is outta pocket with what he said smh. If he only saw her for 9 hours, he’s a deadbeat.

      1. You can name the butch lesbians Hyenas (bc female hyenas are very aggressive and masculine. And lip stick lesbians antelopes (bc they looks soft and dainty and waiting to be devoured by a predator), like a hyena.

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