Jesse Williams Wallet Is Getting A Good Pounding Every Month

“stick you for yo cream and yo papa.
zsa zsa gabor,
demi moore,
prince diana,
and all them rich bitches…” – a prophetess.

there are a few vixens i truly admire after getting hurt.
juanita jordan,
conchita aka vanessa bryant,
and now i’ll add aryn drake lee to the list.
straight males love to talk so much shit about the gays,
but we don’t have to deal with that child support nonsense.
it’s usually by choice.
gays shouldn’t get to hype because spousal support is universal.
there is an old saying:

“It’s cheaper to keep her”

divorces can cost a male a pretty penny.
jesse williams is probably feeling that way right now.
as you know,
he allegedly was out here cheating on his ex wife,
aryn drake-lee.
check how much he has to pay her in child and spousal support via “tmz”

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Shea Moisture Wants Our Forgiveness With Good Dick

we will talk about ^this one in a few.
when in doubt,
bring the meat out!
that’s something shea moisture probably said in the war room.
they were banished because of their “forgetting who their brand catered to”.
shea moisture is known to be a black hair company,
but they decided this ad was a brilliant idea in some kind of “cross over” situation:

rule 1: never alienate your core supporters

they did just that and received a ton of bad publicity on social media.
their stuff is just “okay” in my hair.
in trying to get forgiven re-brand their image,
they decided to jump on the wave of “sexy wolves with beards”.
peep their new ad with some of our bearded attentionisto favs
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Lesbians Only Play Basketball

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 8.03.33 PMwell i didn’t say it.
sidebar: i really need to find foxhole terminology for lesbians.
do they even need one?
anyway so another baller wolf; another child support drama.
this time one involving nba baller wolf for the golden state warriors,
andre iguodala.
the irony in what he said about basketball and lesbians.
well his baby mama used that in a testimony at a child support hearing.
his is what tmz has to report…
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Steebie Goes To Jail

STEEBIEwell it seems steebie,
aka stevie j from love and hiphop atl fame,
got on the bus today.
one that took him straight to jail.
see steebie owes a couple stacks in child support.
one of the reasons i don’t do “kids”.
tmz of course was there when it all went down…
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Guys… I’m Pregnant.

shit i think these bottoms out here would calm their fast asses down if they knew what “i’m late” felt like.
“shit i’m pregnant!!!!
“my dumb ass baby father is late with the fuckin’ money this month.
“who gonna baby sit this brat?
too bad god didn’t give gay men a uterus.
imagine the maury povich episodes.



i had to laugh,
but you know i had to sit back and re-examine the situation.
i was talking with a friend last night and we were discussing all the un necessary ultra hoing in this lifestyle.
being gay gives us the pleasure of fuckin’ day in and out.
no worry of being pregnant and dealing with all that extra shit vixen’s deal with.
he cums in and then he’s out.
we can walk around with a wolf’s cum still inside us with no chance of a bundle of joy in 9 months.
with that vision came a headache and an entry…

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Terrell Owens Has A New Boo He Is Diving Into

terrell has a new baby boo to cuddle up too!
who knew he would find romance in such hard times?
do you approve?…

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