Guys… I’m Pregnant.

shit i think these bottoms out here would calm their fast asses down if they knew what “i’m late” felt like.
“shit i’m pregnant!!!!
“my dumb ass baby father is late with the fuckin’ money this month.
“who gonna baby sit this brat?
too bad god didn’t give gay men a uterus.
imagine the maury povich episodes.



i had to laugh,
but you know i had to sit back and re-examine the situation.
i was talking with a friend last night and we were discussing all the un necessary ultra hoing in this lifestyle.
being gay gives us the pleasure of fuckin’ day in and out.
no worry of being pregnant and dealing with all that extra shit vixen’s deal with.
he cums in and then he’s out.
we can walk around with a wolf’s cum still inside us with no chance of a bundle of joy in 9 months.
with that vision came a headache and an entry…

… and no doubt a whole bunch of ratchet ass behavior.

men are a lot more aggressive so i could imagine a lot more fist fights of infamil and child support.
i could see some of these dudes with about 6 or 7 babies hanging from 1 stroller.
i couldn’t do it.
the thought of being trapped for 18 years with some wolf who was supposed to be a one night stand…
it makes me literally dry heave.
i won’t lie.
the best smash i ever had was a wolf who told me he wanted to fuck me like he was going to get me pregnant.
even though it turned me on at the time,
imagine if i did get pregnant?!?!?!

he fucked me stupid and i never heard from him again!

personally id have the same mentality that i have now.
you ain’t cummin in me until i see a ring or a credit score.
mychal kendricks,
jj james,
dez bryant,
and crazy ass devin thomas please stand up!
it kills me how vixens can get pregnant by a wolf with absolutely nothing.
she is literally begging him to give her money every month.
he in turn only gives her half and some pipe to shut her up.
not i.
i guarantee my name in his phone would be “THE DEMON BITCH WITH MY SEED“.
i don’t play about my money boo.

i started to wonder about men getting pregnant.
would that calm down all the dick jumping?
or, would it only enhance it?
some of these jackals out here would be trappin’ fine ass straight wolves.
fuck hidin’ the camera on the dresser between the teddy bear.
poke some holes in that condom!
knowing that i have would have to give birth to a child out cho ass,
to a wolf i may regret later on down the line…
that’s enough to calm me down.

i love kids.
i find myself wanting children since i see so much of them these days.
then i remember the cuteness wears off after 2 and then i’m stuck with them.
i also remember i have no patience f0r kids who don’t listen.


i like kids who i know have to go back to their homes.
but i do find a wolf who has kids,
and takes care of them,
incredibly sexy.
i’m just saying…

i had to wonder…

What would it be like if men could get pregnant?


13 thoughts on “Guys… I’m Pregnant.

  1. I already have my names picked out.

    Auntaundruh or Lafahnduh for a girl and Jacobiante or Usher for a boy.

    I haven’t decided where I’m putting the random apostrophes yet. LMAO.

  2. I thought this was interesting:

    “it kills me how vixens can get pregnant by a wolf with absolutely nothing.
    she is literally begging him to give her money every month.
    he in turn only gives her half and some pipe to shut her up.”

    Don’t gay men do this already? Except, instead of money, it’s attention. And instead of getting pregnant, it’s getting mind fucked?


  3. That video was a lot to see. I’m glad that I’m a man and I don’t have to go through a cycle or child birth.

    As far as a man giving birth, a baby coming from that little hole? Uh…yea. I know that would hurt. I can imagine it through. A nig lying on his back with his legs in the air while holding his dick and balls and pushing out a baby. An ass is an exit….so it might be able to bounce back lol. Leave me alone, I don’t know. LMAO…

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