dating? in 2020? for jamari fox? what is that you speak?

my anxiety is back in full force again.
i’m not sleeping through the whole night.
i’m waking up to throw up at like 4 or 5 am.
during another night of stomach issues,
i woke up with something on my mind.
it’s been on my mind for a while now.
after my hiv scare years ago,
i haven’t felt as comfortable to have random sex.
scrolling through dating and sex apps don’t excite me as they once did.
i don’t have many male gay friends to go out with.
i thought i met a poi i was 100% attracted to,
but he might be entertaining a vixen these days.
 i had to wonder...

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Your Lusty Loins Meet The Black Wolves In Swim Trunks (Sister Circle)

nothing better than a wolf at the pool,

or water park.
not only do they show us what they been working on all winter,
but their swim trunks can be pretty damn fashionable.

um hey chidi…
so talk show,
sister circle,
got my whole attention today.
i didn’t even know that was still a thing.
they had a segment about 2018 men’s swim trunks.
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Ironically, Lamont Johnson Makes Me Dripping Wet

i’d let lamont johnson dive right in.
i want him swimming in my all of my wetness.
after a long and hard work day,
nothing is better than a wolf taking a dip in your foxhole.
well lamont had a shoot for “envy saje” swim wear.
it was shot by “the cam killa” and this is what they did…
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It’s Sexy To Be A Hole Banging, Emotionally Pit less, Money Loving Volcano


i have always been an open book when it came to my emotions.
i know it’s not the “manly” thing to do,
but i’d rather others know what’s bothering me than bottling it up.
with that being said,
i often asked myself:

Are males supposed to be emotional?

it’s like we’re supposed to lie in order to be considered a “man”.
the almighty male!
the one who bangs a lot of holes and wears designer clothes!
hear us roar!
well that won’t be me.
judging from how the foxhole has been my “emotional journey” since ’09,
i guess many relate in some way or another.
thank you to those who continue not to judge me since then.
i saw a quote from viola davis the other day that represents me.
as you know,
viola is one of my favorite actresses.
this is a quick quote on what she told essence via the root
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Grab Your Meat (How Does It Feel?)


i have been thinking about something for a while.
it was ( x a past entry ) and the comments that did it.
i saw all the foxhole come together to speak against this.
so for 2016
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You Want To Have Sex With Your Mixed Baby Girl?

tumblr_inline_n4fvpf4XnR1sbk4h6i get absolutely disgusted when i see this.
not ^that precious cub,
but when wolves on instagram state they only want their baby to look like that.

light eyes
straight hair
damn near white

…surprisingly looking like the vixen they want to fuck.
well when an f-bi sent me the following tweet,
and the facebook rant from a latina named roslyn cecilia,
i had to share it with the foxhole…
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