You Want To Have Sex With Your Mixed Baby Girl?

tumblr_inline_n4fvpf4XnR1sbk4h6i get absolutely disgusted when i see this.
not ^that precious cub,
but when wolves on instagram state they only want their baby to look like that.

light eyes
straight hair
damn near white

…surprisingly looking like the vixen they want to fuck.
well when an f-bi sent me the following tweet,
and the facebook rant from a latina named roslyn cecilia,
i had to share it with the foxhole…

And here is where I list all the ignorances of the first tweet:

1. Spanish women are from Spain, a European country. I know you didn’t know that, so your welcome for the correction. When you’re demonstrating your internalized racism, please do so accurately. The word you were looking for was Latina (you know, the ones you think all look alike with light skin and dark, long curly hair and attitude you’re “willing” to put up with because at least she’s not black ….because Latinas can’t possibly be black ????????????????????)

2. Note the fact that the tweeter, as do many ain’t shit people with internalized racism, favor not only Latinx-black mixed children, but do so ONLY when that mix is specifically a black MAN and a Latina WOMEN. You don’t see black women and Latinx men fetishized too much. I wonder why…

3. Fetishization of mixed children LITERALLY translates into: I want to have a daughter (Note: Daughter!!! Cuz who cares if your son come out black — he gonna hook up with Latina anyway. “Problem solved!”) who will grow up into a woman I think is fuckable.

4. Sooooo, ladies….Latinas specifically who cater to this fucked up shit because they enjoy the ego boost, consider this a fair warning of the fact that your baby daddy is a pedophile for his own daughter. And you ain’t nothing but the plug.

Thank you.



















…any lies told?

lowkey: god forbid the cub comes out retarded…
well hell!
just make sure it looks mixed!
i often wonder if they would love the cub if it came out dark skinned?
probably not.

they said that in a few decades,
there will be no solid races anymore.

only mixed breeds will dominate the earth.
i guess that means we are the “exotics” right now?

article found: facebook

33 thoughts on “You Want To Have Sex With Your Mixed Baby Girl?

  1. This “whitening” of races has been evident for years, from The days of colonization so this is nothing new. There was a whitening of the races which was a deliberate attempt to have a mixed race during colonization of the now Latin American continnent and some of the Caribbean islands.

    It is to be remembered that Bi racial sex started out of the movement of people from continent to continent done for pleasure and business and was not “legal” for centuries. Indeed the offsprings were out-casts.

    Whilst it was a racial policy then, it is certainly a sexual desire now. But this desire is made on many circumstances; circumstances of economic power, racial acceptance, societal positionimg, pop culture imaging and a deliberate attempt to change generational genes. People procreated to ensure the longevity of their indigenous race, now procreation is done to create a new race, a race that was once called Mullato.

    Is the Negroid race on the decline? Will there be more mixed apperances of humans as against darker and whiter complexions? I think the balance is tipping in the mixed ratio, certainly in the Western civilization where it is now ‘fashionable’ and economically desireable to be mixed. It is not light hearted talk when the so called “latino” votes will become the majority in the US by 2050. However in cultures like Japan and even other Asian countires like China, the attempt to “mix” their race is looked down as an offence and people who are inter-racially linked still face daily push backs.

    Calling all bi- racial people “Latino” is as stupid as calling all black people black, or white people white. The fact is all races are as mixed as the ocean, filled with fishes , crustaceans planktons, mammals, living together in one large space. They exist all doing their part , regardless of size, power or color. They reproduce to keep their line of geneaology. There is no such thing as a bi- racial fish or mammal!

    Humans on the other hand treat their world differently. Until we respect each race for its importance in the genology of mankind, humans will continue to create mixed breeds of humans, as do their dogs, for show and prestige and not for the preservation of their race.

  2. Mixed people become the majority? Lies. In Africa and Asia & Europe there will still be “solid races”. The indigenous ones at that. The world isn’t as diverse as the Americas. That theory is just Americans thinking the whole world revolves around the U.S. Africa as a continent has a billion people in it, mind you they breed like crazy there. The same goes for Asia and their massive population. You think that purity will all be wiped out in decades? LOL. And Europe is pretty pure as well. Just because the media want to scare you with their negative propaganda about migrants that doesn’t mean a thing. The indigenous peoples are still the majority in their country.

  3. I also love how the black community allows anyone to be black regardless of racial background.

    I just watched a video of an Indian man saying he’s black because Africans were the first people and yadda yadda yadda. Black people don’t say a word. He in fact, receives praises from black people. I go to his twitter where he goes on to say that black people and Indians have similar features “just look at them East Africans.”

    East Africans meaning Ethiopians, Somalians, Eritreans, who pretty much look like Arabs with dark skin.

    So once again you all expect black people to be proud of our features but at the same time not leave out others because black people can look like anything, “just look at them East Africans.”

    There was a man who did a DNA test to determine his racial background. He found out that he wasn’t a black man like he thought. He was Indian. He goes on to say he’ll always see himself as a black man regardless.

    So again I ask. How do you expect black people to get over self hate/internalized racism if I’m always hearing how black people come in all shades, hair types, etc… “Just look at them East Africans” or the biracial men & women that show up for casting calls looking for black models.

    If you haven’t gotten the gist of my comments by now, I’ll just say it, it ain’t gonna happen.

  4. I think what a lot of people aren’t getting is the fact that this whole “I want my my daughter to look like this mixed baby/girl” has pedophilia-like undertones. Especially when it comes from grown men.

    I must say, you all aren’t helping with that “mixed people are black” nonsense. You’re all pretty much contradicting yourselves. We’re supposed to be pro black and love our features but at the same time you’re telling us a mixed person is black. So then I ask, why does it matter if one lusts after or for mixed features? They’re black, right? What exactly is the difference between racism/prejuadice and preference? No one can say because you all don’t really know.

    “Black people, love your dark skin, your kinky hair, and your brown eyes.”

    “Don’t tell a mixed person they aren’t black. They’re just as black as you because… society.”

    “Then what is the problem with me yearning for light skin, curly/wavy hair, and blue/green eyes?”

    “… ?”

    A mixed race person on tumblr was pissed off because of a meme that says “Everyone wants mixed kids, I just want black ones.” The mixed race person said it’s wrong to say that because mixed kids are black too.


    How do you expect black people to get over self hate/internalized racism if you keep muddying the waters on what counts and what doesn’t count as black?

  5. To say “black fathers don’t teach their kids about their identity while black mothers do” is still a generalization. It may be more or likely true, but no where near the absolute truth. It all depends on the person, and their values, and in many cases, their education. There are black mothers out there denouncing black men to their mixed kids every day. Make no mistake.

    I agree with what the twitter person said, and the Roslyn person. The black men who say this are living in a delusional world. It’s one thing to have a preference, but statement’s like that only promote internal racism: “the idea that another race is superior to theirs” and the whole situation is counter-productive to himself as black men, and black people as a whole. WAKE UP and smell the roses (with your nose, and not your dick)

    It is true to say that the idea of “blackness” is almost just as bad in the latin community as it is in the black community. The same story of people trying to avoid or erase evidence about their african heritage is still there. Racism is alive and well, and for these men to think that thing’s will be better if he dates a latina or has a mixed child, is lost in a world of delusions and ignorance. (I’m not saying its bad thing to date a latina, but I AM criticizing the less than genuine intentions; he’s not dating her because he genuinely likes her, he’s dating her strictly because he won’t date black women, and strictly because of the fetish culture of “light skin and long hair” and that she’s a “pretty latina that will give me ‘pretty babies’ as opposed to ‘ugly’ black babies.His intentions of dating her are disingenuous, and quite honestly, disgusting.)

    There are racists and bigots and ignorance in every pocket of every race. The idea of having mixed kids or light skinned kids as a way to eleviate that is just setting up their kids for even greater identity issues.

  6. As someone who can pass for bi-racial or mixed, but I am not, I know all too well how light skin is valued in the Black community. I had a dude to tell me just recently, that light skin dudes were his thing and he wanted me bad, but he was just not my type. He told me that he was probably just too dark and unattractive for me because he was dark skin, he was not a bad looking dude at all. I was so shocked and taken back by his assessment of himself. I love dark skin men, but I could not convince him that I just have a certain type of dude I like, he swore it was because of his features. Life as a light skin Black man aint no picnic as he think, as I have documented on here in the past, I was teased because of this color growing up that left some serious scars in my psyche. I am thankful however to have wonderful parents who instill in me a strong sense of Black pride. This is the only thing that worries me about all these bi-racial unions, it seems like Black culture is going to get the short end of the stick when it comes to these children learning about themselves and their heritage.

    I know several bi-racial people and they are all throw-ed the hell off, and that is no shade, but the truth. One female friend told me how her mom remarried a White man an basically sent her to live with her fathers Black relatives on the other side of the country. Another male told me a similar story about his mother who remarried and kicked him out of the house at 13 because he was not only mixed but gay as well and her new husband didn’t want to deal with him. Both of them told me how bad they were treated by their White side of the family and how it was nothing for white relatives to use the N word in front of them all the time. Both also told me how even though their fathers were sorry and didn’t take care of them, their Black relatives took them in and never treated them like their White relatives did.

    Since, I have been grown, I have learned that many Hispanics place a value on lighter skin as well, I actually had no idea. It seems like they use bleaching creams to become lighter and there is some hidden prejudice in their community with skin color like ours. I have went to a couple of gay Latino club’s and have gotten play from Hispanic men, actually more attention than when I go to Black clubs. One of my Mexican friends told me that Hispanic men like light skin Black men, if they date Black men and here I was thinking I was just cute (joking). I have been to both Puerto Rico and the Dominican and both times I was mistaken while I was there as being either one, so maybe that is why I get approached by Spanish dudes all of the time.

    At the end of the day, this is one issue that is not going anywhere anytime soon, it is just too many layers and reason and complexities behind it, that 100 years from now in a completely bi-racial world there will probably still be debates about this topic.

    1. It’s not just Blacks and Hispanics who are color struck.I attended school with a lot of Eastern Indians and the lighter ones where considered more attractive.

      1. Same thing with Asians. It’s everywhere. It would be really naive to think this is an isolated issue. It’s pandemic.
        It’s EVERYWHERE!

  7. I agree, this shit is ridiculous and sad. What is wrong with people these days? Praising children based on their physical appearances, and suggesting they are inferior to other children. The amount of hate within our community…..SMH.

  8. Yeah, I absolutely hate seeing guys post memes like that! I literally saw a meme that said “Black men look better with Latinas” and it really pissed me off. Black people have so much internalized hate. It’s a very sad thing.

  9. From what Ive seen black women that do have mixed babies tend to instill the black matriarch in their daughters and sometimes sons. With the daughters they usually tend to teach that black women are fine and beautiful and educates while black men are disgusting, ugly, uneducated and basically not worth their time. I can also say the same is true in vice versa with black men with mixed children especially sons. I will say this half and half in terms of race is not one full race. I dont care what people say. Moreover, at the end of the day their message implies that no matter how mediocre their children are or can be they are still better than blacks.

  10. Ugh!!! I really don’t know where to start with this one but I will say I thought I was the only that noticed that about black men as its relates to their mixed children especially their female children its truly disgusting on so many levels and its so blatantly obvious that black men have a serious problem and its something that needs to be explored what’s going on with black men and this mental illness and how do they get help for this? Cause this racial xenophobia is truly rearing its ugly head and its tearing our community apart.

    1. And btw jamari help me to understand what is it with black folks especially in tri-state area their obsession with hispanicity is it just a New York thing or just a thing in general? Because I’m from the south and the color thing is bad here too but the blacks here are not Hispanic centric and low-key people in the south don’t really view Hispanic people different from blacks but anyways help me too understand.

  11. Damn she is right. I hadn’t noticed they almost always post pics of mixed girls they want their DAUGHTERS to look like.Rarely do they post mixed boys as their ideal son

    1. Light skinned dudes are seen was less desirable. The women at the job say bluntly that they cannot wake up next to a light skinned boy.

      1. That’s a lie. Some women at your job may say that. But my female cousins say/think the exact opposite.

  12. Another problem is Latin@s are not monolithic. To say Latinas o “Spanish women” means Black, Mixed, Native American, White, Arab, o even Asian. I’m surprised that some African Americans are ignorant given the fact that African Americans are pretty diverse. It would be like me saying only dark chocolate skin people can be African Americans even tho I know some African Americans actually think that way tbh.

    Now I feel bad for little mixed girls with black fathers that are a product of fetishism and self-hatred which is why I think some of them have so many problems knowing who they are as they grow up. Like seriously tho I notice a major difference between a mixed child with black mothers vs mixed children with black fathers. The ones with black mothers have solid identities, they know they are black and whatever but the world view them as black which they are fine with, but mixed children with black fathers always struggle with their identity “I don’t know if I’m white or black” I’m like “Bitch, you both. Like why are you confuse?” But looking deeper into their lives I realized the reason why they are confuse is the fact that the black fathers don’t educate them on what they are because they are too busy treating their child as a trophy for being mixed instead treating their child as a child.

    1. Lindo your right I have a cousin who is mixed and her mom is black, but she identifies with being black and has no problem with her identity. The black fathers treating their mixed kids like trophies is true I have seen that too. I think being black is so beautiful we come in so many shades. I have a dark skin cousin who only dates mixed race females so his kids can be light. Self hate is a terrible thing.

    2. @Lindo, at the end of the day spanish/latino people aint shit either, stop using topics like this to spread your obvious bigotry of african americans. Latino people have the same color issues even to the extent of breeding with family members to keep the family line light and bright, if you’re gonna comment with real concern do it tactfully. You always being surprised about what african americans do, we did a lot, for your punk ass to even have the freedom to be on here talking shit. Your experience or experiences does not constitute a general broad view of african americans, so stop acting like you’ve done some deep study and research, because you haven’t.

      Now to the topic at hand, it is a sad case, and I agree with the person that tweeted that response to that ignorant ass remark. But I know plenty of mixed kids that have black fathers who know exactly who the fuck they are and don’t have identity issues, although Lindo would like for you to believe differently. Lets talk about the few ignorant black “AND” latino men that have this mindset and not demonize the whole group. Their are fuck niggas in each culture, race, and creed, and shit like this is just a part of they genetic make up. It’s still very sad and fucked up!!!!

      1. Ummm what you even talking about, dude o lady w/e you are. Did your momma drop you on your head when she was drinking o was it because you were the ugliest baby she ever gave birth to?

        Now let me tell you something right now cause I’m a Puerto Rican from the Bronx so you really don’t want to mess with me. First of all dumbass I was stating an observation from my, mine, mio, mon experience with mixed people. Your experience is not the same as my experience, so congratulation on knowing “plenty” of mixed kids with black fathers who they are *applause* but I have yet to meet a mixed child with a black father who know who they are.

        Second, how I am a bigot to African Americans when you clearly just stated that Latinos are inbreds and all I did is write my observations. Bigotry is a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion. Know your definition, retard.

        You must be one of those niggas that will be trolling for a Latino because you had a strong sexual desire for us and you told yourself that you only prefer to date Latinos, but 1 o 2 Latinos rejected you so now you are all bitter and hate Latinos.

        Sit your ugly black ass down and shut the fuck up. I didn’t ask your goddamn opinion and don’t you dare diss my experience just because yours is different from mine. And you lucky I don’t know you because I would split your muthafucking throat cause you need to be taught a lesson.

  13. She brought up some points that got me thinking “well damn” I wonder if the guy tried to post back a rebuttal. I’m gonna need some one to send that clown a copy of “Black Girls” .

      1. You are right and their are many rappers that I no longer support for there support of racism. For example, Rae Sremmurd talking about light skin. California has some of the biggest racist black men. I look at it as every ethic group has beautiful men and women and well some that didn’t make it into that category. Education and empathy for others can go a long way. #Allcolorsmatter

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