You Can Count on Yusaf Mack To Be In The Gay Parade

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 6.52.02 PMyusaf mack made another announcement today.
i guess he realized the chances of him fuckin’ a pussy again was out the question,
so he decided to announce his retirement from bisexuality.
this is what gawker had to report…

In an interview that was apparently filmed Monday with Philadelphia Fox 29’s Quincy Harris, Yusaf Mack announced, “I’m gay!” Monday was also the day that, per an initially dubious, lengthy statement (that crisis manager/hairstylist/singer Anthony Cherry eventually confirmed to me was “true”), the boxer supposedly announced he was bisexual and then he didn’t say a goddamn thing on TMZ Live. Last week, Mack said he was drugged in a porn he did for the company DawgPoundUSA. It’s been quite the two weeks for Mack. In the Fox 29 interview, he called his initial account of the shoot “all a lie.”

“I’m gay, I’m tired of holding it in, it is what it is, I live my life, I’m gay,” said the 35-year-old Mack who says he has known this for “about eight years.”

Mack claims he’s done only one tape (although an image of Mack and two naked men he wasn’t in the DawgPoundUSA shoot with may contradict this). Harris asked Mack to walk us through the filming and Mack said, “I went there…I just didn’t know when it was going to come out.” He also said he was surprised when people did see it: “I didn’t think nobody from Philadelphia would see it.”

As to why he filmed porn, his answer was pretty standard: “I was down and out, I asked friends, they wouldn’t help me, so I did what I had to do.”

Mack says news of the tape “hurt” him and made him suicidal. Additionally, his oldest daughter (of 10), a 23-year-old, told him to kill himself because he embarrassed the family.

Mack says he no longer wants to kill himself, though. “I’m free, I’m happy.” He’s no longer engaged to his fiance of five years. “She was good to me, I was good to her, but it was a lie,” he says.

“The truth is out, and I’m sorry,” Mack told the public. “You gon’ like me or love me regardless. I’m still me. So when you see me on the streets, I’m still Yusaf Mack.”

blair-glare-gif wow.
well as long as he is happy

lowkey: he knew he was gay 8 years ago?
he didn’t think anyone would see the tape?
he was down and out,
asked friends for help,
but decided to go do gay porn?
i have a lot of questions.

article taken: gawker

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

55 thoughts on “You Can Count on Yusaf Mack To Be In The Gay Parade”

  1. The clear that this man bas been battling low self-esteem all of his life which caused him to make layers upon layers of bad decisions. I hope he can take this fall to build himself into the person her wants to be.

  2. Wow! You know at first I was intrigued by this man’s situation cause I was one of those people who couldn’t wrap my brain around the idea of a man having that many children and not be totally hetrosexual and on top of that doing porn regardless of what genre of porn I must admit it was a lot to take in but now reading this I feel sadness and compassion for this man’s situation this man’s life is ruined beyond belief and everybody is just shitting on this man and to see that his own daughter is doing the same thing oh my heart bleeds for him and I hope that he’ll bounce back from this and get the healing he needs and I’m glad he is acknowledging is truth and hopefully move forward from here.

    1. And btw for the people who will continue to criticize him shame on you this should be the time where the black gay community should embrace him and show him love I hope you guys would do that instead of getting ki-kis from this man’s situation cause He’s going to need a whole lot of it.

      1. No he is not in fact he is the sacrificial lamb that straight people will always have as an example of why its not a good idea to come out the closet and its truly unbelievable how much hate this man has received from the very same people who supported him when he was living up to their fantasies as a irresponsible straight man who made them happy but now he ain’t shit now that can’t live up to their fantasies anymore man I tell you I really understand now why some people don’t wanna be bothered with the majority of the black community because their fucking hypocrites and just plain evil!!!

  3. J be nice 🙂 This was hard to watch, but I guess the soft spot in my heart still feels for this brother, until you have lived his story, we dont know what he is going through, we can laugh and joke but I sense genuine pain. It is so many Yusuf Macks in the Black community, hell I have been with a few. As usual the Blogs have been unmerciful, mean and hate filled especially Black women. Being that this is America, he can turn these lemons into lemon-aide with the right people. He aint no punk in a literal sense, he has a pretty good boxing record with 17 knockouts, so he got some hands on him. I hope this brother land on his feet and find him an agent, America may make fun, but you best believe this story has wings and he may be able to cash in with a book deal. I wish I could message him some kind of way just to tell him that everybody is not against him and he may have actually help somebody by being truthful and honest. You cant get no more masculine than a boxer, in his own way he has shown a different side of gay unlike many others who have came out in sports.

    1. Why just feel sorry for him? I noticed you did not mention anything about the women and children that this man has hurt and caused embarrassment with his poor life choices. A lot of women are jumping on him because they feel if they can work and provide without resorting to the dark side, so can he.

      1. Exactly. If at 35 with 10 kids, your only job skills are boxing and sucking two dicks at once you need to evaluate where your life is going.

        Why are you putting yourself out there making it worse for your kids?

        No sympathy here.

    2. @tajan…I think he could turn this around if he had the right people in his corner. He should really put his energy back into boxing since he had a good record. I don’t follow boxing, but I seem to remember reading an article about an openly gay hispanic boxer who had a great record as well. While they probably wouldn’t get any major fights…it would be hard for a “straight” boxer to get his ass kicked by a “punk”…it would still be interesting to see! LOL

  4. He is 35 with a 23 year old daughter.I had an uncle who was 14 when his daughter was born.But this guy was 12? Damn!
    I read Yusaf got locked up eight years ago, so its possible he had his first gay sex experience while in jail.But unlike Ben Carson I dont think going to jail made him gay .

  5. 35 and oldest daughter is 23, 10 kids out of wedlock, possible drug abuser, possible brain damage, broke, engaged to woman while doing gay porn on the side……….Iyanla come get ya boi!!!!

  6. Although i still think he shouldn’t have lied about that porn video (if it’s out it’s out, just own it) i really can’t watch that public humiliation. I mean jeez his life’s over. Nobody gonna respect him again, straight people because well he did gay porn when he was supposed to be a straight man father of 10 and gay people because he tried to make us look bad saying they drugged him, he ain’t gay bal bla bla like being gay is a crime or something. I really feel bad for him. He can’t do nothing now except more porn because i don’t think he can keep boxing, to much shame. But even in porn industry he’s over, they wanted to sue him over his lie. Oh Lord have mercy. Hope he gonna be ok. I don’t think he’s happy right now, he can, nobody could be in his position, but a really hope he will be, someday.

    1. I second that motion. I don’t know why, but one side of me says don’t forgive but I guess majority rule to give this guy a second chance to represent DL men. There was a time I was in this guy shoes. He will have to earn his trust to the gay community tho he used us as a pawn. Being outed, its automatic for him to contemplate suicide that many of us can relate to. What a mess. I bet this publicity is overwhelming him. The price you have to pay!

      1. So he can write another DL book and spread hysteria and stereotypes about black men when they are already marginalized by society?

        Oh ok…

  7. Thank god!! this proves bisexuality doesn’t exist I glad he is gay too bad he lied to his fiancée and his 10 kids and used his fiancée as gay beard Gay 4 pay my ass these guys are gay I don’t believe in bisexuality and gay 4 pay when a man fuck other man in the ass it gay. transsexual women are men who have they fake boobs jobs some cut they dick off not women most transsexual women keep they penis you have these hot male athletes,male singers male fitness trainers, male bodybuilders, male strippers say don’t want gay man to following them on Instagram but follow tranny with big dick on Instagram. They say the reason these hot guys are fucking tranny is because it’s the best of both worlds transsexual women have body a woman’s body and a man’s penis and they want to be secretly gay hot male fitness trainers, male bodybuilders, male strippers only like transsexual women that still have their penis so when a man fuck a transsexual women they are gay to.

    1. @Gaykings..huh?! Ok, hate to burst your bubble but there is a thing called bisexuality. There are men that enjoy the company of men AND women…I’m one of them. If you are gay, women do absolutely nothing for/to you. They don’t get you aroused, or interest you in any way.
      when I deal with women, I deal exclusively with women. When I’ve dealt with guys, I’ve only dealt with guys at the time. Never indulge with the opposite sex while dealing with the other.
      I will say that my bisexuality was one of the main reasons that I never had kids. Didn’t want to put them through that scenario if it ever came out. Men can like both women AND men. If you’re 100% gay, then that’s you. You shouldn’t generalize others though.

      1. Christian, save your breath.They want the straights to respect them, but they do not respect us bisexuals.They make me sick. I have stated this before, but the hate from a few gay men towards bisexuals is real. Some cannot stand the fact that some men in the life have gay experiences while they are young, and then years later end up married with children living the average life without be condemned. Trust me, some of them would be bisexual if they could. Don’t let these guys fool you. On this blog alone, a few have stated they would abandon their gay lifestyles if they could, that is enough proof right there. As I said, it is not everyone, but a small percentage have this perception about us. They also feel we can turn it on and off like a switch, but it does not work that way. I could settle down with a woman tomorrow, I will still be bisexual, I would just be in a relationship with a woman.

        Before anyone gets upset, a hit dog will holler now. If it doesn’t apply to you, there is nothing to be upset about.

      2. If homosexuality can exist, I don’t see how hard it is to understand bisexuality. In my opinion, if one exists then one can’t argue that the other doesn’t, why? because if bisexuality doesn’t exist, one can make similar claims as to why homosexuality doesn’t exist, which is preposterous at this point. I feel like that’s sexuality 101 lol.

        Don’t feel bad guys, there are many gay people (hopefully) that can make enough coherent thoughts to understand that their “sexuality” isn’t the only ones (like many straight people). I’m not going to make the same mistake as many straights and white men do and live in a veil of ignorance because I don’t personally live that experience.

        Short terms: If homosexuality exists, so does bisexuality.Bisexuality exists period.

    2. Well I believe in bisexuality.I know several bisexuals, males and females.But Im not going to debate this topic.Just like I dont debate whether homosexuality exists, whether it’s normal ? Or natural?My view is Yes, Yes,Yes

    3. I have yet to meet a bisexual guy in a long tern relationship who hasn’t dipped back in the sword pool while being with a woman.

  8. Nah bruh. It does not work like that. Adolescent years is when thoughts of sex really begin surface. He has had these thoughts since then at the very least. Once we reach adulthood, we know who were are. Everything people want to experiment with, they have done it by the time they are grown. The same goes with hard drugs, people just do not wake up in their mid-thirties and decide to snort coke

    Oh, and he is the definition of a downlow man. He was with his fiancee when he did the film. SMH. Had pipes all down his throat and then probably went home and kissed her. Jesus!

    1. Please dont compare sexual orientation to drug use.FYI I have an aunt who started using crack at age 32 after her divorce.Prior to that she didnt drink alcohol,smoke weed, cigarettes ,etc A boyfriend introduced her to crack, twenty years later she is still on crack.

      1. @ The Man ,I know, but I have a problem when people equate homosexuality with diseases like alcoholism, drug abuse or with crimes like prostitution ,deviant behavior like bestilality,etc.That’s a pet peeve of mine.

  9. Well, all the bleeding hearts can sympathize with him but he’s proven himself to be a compulsive liar and now it seems he’s somewhat addicted to media attention.

    He should be mending relationships with the many people he betrayed, but instead he’s making declarations for the media.

    1. ^im with jay on this.
      first he was bi and now he is gay.
      he went to film a straight scene,
      then he was drugged,
      and ended up filming a gay one.

      it’s like he is making a mockery of his own life.
      can we trust him?
      next thing you know he gonna say he straight again.

      1. You already know the gays are ready to make a role model out of him. Lol

        If he wasn’t masculine or their trade fantasy they’d give no fucks.

    2. I think as the years progress became less attracted to women, it does happen. He has ten kids. He was running up in a lot of…. lol. He had his first child at twelve. I highly doubt his sexual activity at that age was a tactic to cope with his gay thoughts. There no way a twelve year would have that much intelligence to use sex with women to suppress gay thoughts. A gay kid at that age would panic about getting it up, therefore he would not lol. Think of yourself as a twelve year old trying to force yourself to get an erection to sleep with a woman, you would be scared to death, and therefore end up flaccid as hell lol. Everyone would.

      Some men remain bisexual forever, but as the years progress, the participation in the gay lifestyle for some men becomes more dominant. Seasoned men would have more information about this.

      1. @ Man, I’ll ask as a gay man myself. Do you know if its possible to go from Bi to straight or bi-to gay? if one can become less attracted to a specific gender over time, does that mean they were even bi in the first place? Was this man bi at one point, and is now gay?
        I don’t consider myself bi, but if the girl is pretty enough and makes me feel good, I could get it in with her lol,

        Or is he still bi just not AS attracted to women, or was he always gay as he suggests?

        I’m literally confused. But could you imagine if people were able to switch their sexualities? The implications would complicate this already overcomplicated topic.

      2. but if the girl is pretty enough and makes me feel good, I could get it in with her lol,

        does that make me a little bi? In my opinion, no, but it raises the question of these labels of sexuality at the very least. I honestly think a lot of people don’t even know “what” they are.

        ( I clicked “post” while i was typing mid-thought my bad)

      3. @Dignified He is the only person who knows his sexuality. If he says he is gay, then he is no longer attracted to women. He used to be obviously.

        I think sexuality can be fluid with some people depending how physically attractive the opposing person is tho. All of this comes from the brain at the end of the day. None of us can explain our sexuality and or why we are attracted to the people we are. Sexuality is not just surface deep, many factors are involved.

      4. Good answer, and yes I agree, sexuality is fluid and many factors are involved. This is my take on it too. This raises questions.

        Thank you.

    3. @ JAY, okay now this is an honest question. When all this broke out, I made a comment about this guy saying that he’s probably masking who he is having 10 kids to prove to himself that he isn’t gay, amongst other things. You replied to my comment saying something along the lines of “he’s could be bi” etc. and then in another reply to someone else’s comment you said that no gay man would be able to have ten kids. I agreed with you.

      Him saying he’s gay contradicts that idea and actually works with my original comment, however, him saying he’s gay after claiming to be bi doesn’t surprise me, but throws me off.

      What do you make of this guy now? Is he lying that he’s gay and is really bi? (I doubt it) Can a gay man have kids and live a completely double life if their discreet enough? ( the obvious answer is yes actually, but he has 10 kids!!) I can understand 1 or 2 kids, but 10? I feel like this situation kinda represents the blurred lines of sexuality. It’s definitely not black or white. I get the feeling that the Yusaf Mack situation is REALLY common, but REALLY hidden at the same time. I just wanted to hear your response on that because it calls in to question our whole discussion lol.

      1. Seems to me he got a taste of dick and liked it, but he’s a liar so its hard to tell what’s what and I honestly could care less at this point.

        I just hope he’s explaining this to his kids because they have to deal with this as well.

      2. LOL fair enough.

        Yeah this whole thing is a mess.Really not much he can do for his kids now though. Having ten kids is irresponsible in and of itself if you can’t support them already. That’s the decision he made the children’s mother(s). Oh well.


  10. I’ll say this. I’m glad this is isn’t big mainstream and is just delegated to being trashy fodder. If he shuts up the story will pass within a week. Then maybe his family can begin to heal.

    This will bury quite quickly and he should be able to move on from all this.

  11. Now that he is out I wonder if him and Orlando Cruz (an out Puerto Rican boxer) are gonna become buddies and maybe fuck

  12. Are people mad that he lied about being coherent on the tape or about the fiance? I am more mad about the fiance. I mean this goes beyond sexuality but as a reference to honor and committment. I think he broke her trust and dismantled a family by not being honest. On to the tape, I wouldnt care that he lied if he were simgle since we had proof and he was not dragging so many people with his baggage. I will also say that I feel sorry for him as he marginalized already as a black man and now he will be unwelcomed in that group. Next thing we know he is going to be another Michael Sam (do with that what you will). Washed up due to being manipulated by the media to take one for the team.

    1. Now I know you ain’t trying to act all brand new? Lol you know why people are upset lemme break it down for you their mad because he crossed that line of being a black man who likes dick and ass and all the above while producing ten children and on top of that “pretending” to be straight niggas can’t accept that so their world as they know it has ended not to mention he’s on video that’s just way too much!!!! But don’t worry black men killing each other is OK and black children with out identifiable fathers is OK and we have a black president yay! Isn’t it great? So I hope I was able to help lol!

  13. Hey if God can forgive all sin we can forgive Mack. We all make errors in life. I’m glad he came clean. His life will get better. I for one am praying for him. When he said his daughter told him to just kill himself my heart just broke. That was so hateful and she is old enough to know better. So what if her friends are teasing her..he is her father. Love is more powerful than hate. I share his story (without 10 kids!). So i gave been blogging about it and reading everything i can.You can be straight and have gay fantasies and act on them and shift to another sexuality. Sexuality is fluid. And there are many many men like him leading double lives because Black society can be so closed minded and ignorant. I hope Mack’s story will educate others and open minds.

  14. Wait a sec. He is 35. His daughter is 23. 35 – 23 = 12. He had his first child when he was 12?! That’s so messed up…

  15. On a side note, I get so tired of gay/bisexual black men using the black community as the reason all these men are closeted.

    All of that shit is tired and simplifies a much more complex issue. Closeted men living double lives are that way because they are INTERNALLY conflicted.

    The black community isn’t living your life, paying your bills, and essentially won’t give a damn what you’re doing once the initial shock wears off.

    Furthermore, the black community isn’t any less accepting than whites, Latinos, or Asians. That’s a myth self hating black gays come up with.

    1. I rarely agree with you😃 but I agree this time.I am tired of people acting like the black community is more homophobic than any other community.Or believing DL men only exist in the Black community.Governor McGreevey of NJ was on the DL.All those married White,Hispanic and Asian men on gay sites and apps are on the DL.

      1. Both of are right homophobia is not just unique to the black community nor is homosexuality but however lets not act like black folks don’t go overboard with it its one thing to disagree with it but black people take it to a whole nother level lol!

      2. I disagree I used to volunteer with a charity that help homeless young adults.Gay Blacks were underrepresented when it came to people disowned by their families.Black families may talk sh## about their gay relatives but they don’t kick them out the house as much as Whites .

  16. @Kelly: White, Asian, Hispanic gays get disowned too. I get tired of hearing the same old song “he wouldn’t have to hide if the black community wasn’t so homophobic… yada yada yada”.

    Whites and Latinos are Catholic, Lutheran, etc and they are no more or less tolerant of homosexuality.

    A lot of black gays hate the black community because of the values that were instilled in them and internalized into adulthood conflict with their homosexuality and they’re resentful.

    The problem is and has always been inward.

    1. Jay you nailed it and I also debunk the thinking that homophobia is only a black thing. NONSENSE. ITS IS NOT A BLACK THING, ITS A PEOPLE THING. The choice to do anything is inherrent on the person making that choice and until you step in that person’s shoe, you cannot judge. Mack needs his true friends to support him now and this is where the pedal meets the metal.

      Hopefully there will be at least ONE person in his immedialte family that will support him. Now is the time for the gay community to stand behind him and show the world we take care of our own. No use talking about arop the hate when we cannot even help our own.

      I applaud Yusef Mack. It is not easy and he has a rocky and unchartered road ahead. We all have different roads to travel. If we can just get off our high horse and extend a hand , what a brighter world this will be.

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