How To Wear Your Fur and Have People About To Vomit

tumblr_m9vqqprEn81qa57w7i love clothes.
a smart fox/wolf/or hybrid knows how to sniff out a good deal.
as the others run to buy shit they can’t afford,
i get compliments left and right about my wardrobe.
the fun part?
i barely spend a lot of money.
i am pretty much the best dressed in my department.
maybe the entire building.
i learned its not the “brand” you are wearing,
but how you wear it.
one of the foxhole conglomerate asked me this the other day…

“I need some shopping advice. I would like to expand my wardrobe but I’m afraid to spend money. I would like to know the places you shop, your budget and how frequent you shop.”

well i’ll share something with the foxhole…

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Andrew Caldwell Still Desires Wolf Meat

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 6.15.55 PMwell serve me “confused”.
andrew caldwell said in a recent interview he still desires wolves.
 i mean this is what he said to “rolling out”
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foxswagg: Around Your Waist

tumblr_inline_n47me93iyd1qzrwfeit seems the 90s are coming back heavy when it comes fashion.
one of the styles that picked up last year in new yawk,

and seems to still be going strong,
is tying a plaid shirt around your waist.
it helps add a little extra “umph” to your fit.
tie it wrong tho,
and it can look extremely frumpy.
so here are some ideas for the foxhole to try…

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How To Be A Smart Fox

32606-Head-Vs-Hearttake ^that how you want.
so ya know what?
these jackals and hyenas out here losing in these streets,
but its funny how they operate.
they go into the world and see a branch,
or a stump,
and are programmed to think that’s how the entire forest operates.
the smart fox does not.
the smart fox sees the forest and knows we are one of the smallest animals in it.
the biggest mistake the jackals and hyenas make…
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I Guess Men Now See What Women Have To Deal With

tumblr_lxhog9mEiv1qdau9mo1_500who knew men would be the new “women” in 2014.
can’t even get naked without being gawked at.
aww poor baby.
the following shit here tho…
this shit really burns my biscuits...

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My Vagina Allows Me To Does What I Wants

tumblr_mudg1xm8Rb1rn892lo1_r1_400now before i write this,
i have to add a quick disclaimer.
i love females.
i am on this earth and writing this entry because of a woman.
okay so now that is out the way,
because the “pussy power pantyliner party” would have a fit.
so something made me feel funny while watching #rhoa today.
i always hear females screaming this and i have never agreed with it.
so remember the part on the episode

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