How To Be A Smart Fox

32606-Head-Vs-Hearttake ^that how you want.
so ya know what?
these jackals and hyenas out here losing in these streets,
but its funny how they operate.
they go into the world and see a branch,
or a stump,
and are programmed to think that’s how the entire forest operates.
the smart fox does not.
the smart fox sees the forest and knows we are one of the smallest animals in it.
the biggest mistake the jackals and hyenas make…

when it comes to wolves,
the fox can see him for who he is,
and not what he says he is.
anyone can say who they are.
a fox knows how to sniff out his actions by observation.

things he says
what he is attracted too
who he cosigns
jokes he makes
…so on and so forth.

see i’m not into:

“…but we men tho!
we can’t see past our dicks.
we are programmed to fuck.
sorry thats just how it be!”

who are you talkin’ too?
that sounds like excuses.
excuses because you have no chill button in your drawz.
being a man does not mean you have to be a hoe and an asshole.
realistically those are the ones that are the easiest to turn out.
we just don’t see it because of the 20 walls that are up.
betchu it would be a different story when he meets the fox who makes his fur stand up on end.

giphythe problem with these jackals and hyenas is they see a body.
the smart fox sees the person.
when i look at a wolf,
even tho i love his body,
i also sniff around to see what he is about.
i really like to actually getting to know someone.
isn’t that more interesting than being one nighted?
well to me anyway.
the thing the smart fox knows,
that the jackals and hyenas don’t,
is we like to get emotionally invested in everyone we meet.
its much easier to drop the thot that got smashed for one night.
yeah he has the power to suck a spine straight

tumblr_n5djkiz6gN1qbw767o1_250but once a wolf nuts,
all that suckin and fuckin is out the window once he puts his pants on.

tumblr_n5dr09TJjp1qbw767o1_500see: supahead.

you ever argue with someone and it was so passionate?
they hung up the phone,
called you back,
you cursed them out,
hung up,
and they end up leaving you 120 voicemails?
thats called “emotions”.
why do you think the make up sex is AMAZING?

tumblr_m1mpd0K9uZ1ql2djmo1_500 tumblr_m1mpd0K9uZ1ql2djmo2_500the smart fox knows that when he leaves,
or when it’s time to leave,
he will be missed.
everyone else will be compared to “the best that ever did it”.
the smart fox knows that emotional investment is key in personal relationships.

something most men are scared of with other men,
but manage to get wrapped up in so easily with someone they get emotional with.
the jackals and hyenas can’t posses that power.
we can.
so go out in the wild and make emotional connections.
even if you don’t get the wolf romantically,
you can get a solid friendship.
ain’t nothing better than that.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “How To Be A Smart Fox”

  1. You are spot on with the emotional investment part. Too bad most of these wolves seem afraid of that. I swear sometimes i think I’m gonna just try the straight life.

      1. Hell I dont know. I mean I love men, but sometimes you just want that emotional connection that goes beyond the physical. I just want support and companionship. Im beginning to think thats not possible to find with a wolf unless you are just extremely lucky.

  2. Yea, it is harder for you Foxes than us Wolves. This Wolf right here wants relationship with a man tho. I’m only 21, so I have a long while to find that Fox, the right Fox. I have a career I’m chasing and I got to get that money. That’s where my focus is at the moment.

  3. Shh, you telling our secret. Lol. Even if they (jackals n hyenas) try to implement this, authentic emotions will always surpass manufactured ones.

  4. I learned the art of turning off emotions since I’ve wasted them on dudes stomped on them and cupid shuffled right out of my life.

    Now sex is the kiss of death. Once you let me smash, feelings usually evaporate and you can rollout.

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