“So I Gotta Sit Next To This Homo Sunday Night?”

MTV-VMAsso i didn’t even realize the 2014 vmas was this sunday.
i know.
i know.
i only found out when i was watching some random commercial,
as well as the alleged seating chart.
guess who chris brown might sit next to?…








1zw1z6sfrom what i “hadda heard-ed” today,
chris brown allegedly has no love for the “homos”.
well maybe not the out ones?
here are some other seating arrangements:

kelly and michelle up in the cheap seats?
weezy next to beyonce,
after he ( x dissed jay z and b ) a year or two ago?
either way,
it seems mtv is being its same ol messy self.
i guess i’m here for it.
you can watch the 2014 vmas sunday night on mtv.

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6 thoughts on ““So I Gotta Sit Next To This Homo Sunday Night?””

  1. Like i said before and i’ll say it again i’d be Michelle and Kelly in a minute…millions of dollars traveled the world, doing projects and works that you enjoy and they get to live their lives without being harassed as much by the media as Bey has and always will be…sounds like heaven to me. Beyonce isn’t paying attention to Lil Wayne in fact i think there’s no real beef there especially since Bey just dropped the remix to Flawless with Nicki…i know this awards show will be fuckery as always…and in regards to Chris he better ask Sam for some pointers being that Sam is a phenomenal talent…is it me or are these awards shows so blah these days?

  2. I’m watching the awards but as soon as Beyoce gets up to perform ima change the channel and send her a VHS of me watching her…

  3. I doubt Chris hates gays considering he works in a industry filled with gays, and he always had gay rumors float around him.

  4. What? Is he gonna fight Sam Smith like he fought Frank Ocean? That will just make them blackball Chris even more. He should be happy he’s still invited let alone able to perform.

    You know Beyonce will pay Weezy no mind. She’ll react the same way she did during the elevator incident. If her sister beating her husband gets no reaction out of B then you know a dread-locked having metallic-mouthed goblin ain’t gonna get so much as a head nod.

    Poor Kelly and Michelle. 😉

    I thought Gwen Stefani was Madonna at first.

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