The Foxhole Already Covered Ochocinco’s Peen Leakage

IMG_4262^that is ochocinco’s alleged piece.
he got some leakage recently being a thotasaurus rex.
well you know we covered his full piece already in the foxhole.
you remember right?…
it was when chad was allegedly messing with that fat she-jackal behind evelyn’s back.
it was like two years ago or something.
anyway the fat she-jackal blasted him to allegedly spite evelyn.
she sent a whole slew of alleged receipts.
including the alleged pipe.
of course you remember silly:

x refresh your memory

told ya.
i try not to leave any stone uncovered for the foxhole.

lowkey: he needs to leak that sex tape of him smashin’ that vixen.
now that was juicy.

picture taken: baller alert

5 thoughts on “The Foxhole Already Covered Ochocinco’s Peen Leakage

  1. Are you sure that a zucchini? Well anyway that doesn’t matter lol. The point is, Chad has no business stuffing his draws at his age. The thots over at baller alert think it’s real despite the fact it’s bumpy af lol. Like WTF? Are people that dense?

    I still think he gets down too man. His energy is always off to me, and I get a free-spirited vibe from him. Most men like that are up for anything and just want to have fun as long as it’s kept on the low.

  2. That’s clearly a cucumber in those draws and you can tell by the lumps lol. I don’t know if he’s playing or if this is really him or not, but that is most definitely a cucumber. I love eating cucumbers on subs and salads so I’d know lol. Y’all should check out his legs tho. Other than ass, legs and thighs are the second best thing I like on a man’s body.

  3. I don’t think that’s really him. His dick doesn’t look like it’d get that big and it looks off. Whose penis is that elastic when it’s hard? Looks like it’d hurt bending it like that when it’s that erect. I bet he’d want us to think that’s his dick tho.

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