There Is An Allegeded Hot Party In Orlando Scandrick Pants?

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 10.09.19 AMi always wanted to know what the party was like in baller wolf for the cowboys,
orlando scandrick aka “omg orlando!”,

i mean i assumed it was a pretty big turn out after being hipped to this video:

…would explain why draya can’t get her shit together.
so one of my fav vix-bi was doing a little sniffing around and found the following.
the following being a picture that baller alert threw up on their instagram.
it is a picture of what appears to be “omg orlando!”‘s party favors






mariah-carey-album-number-fourwho sent in that picture?
so i “googled” the medications and well…
one gets a heavy “eek”.
brimex is allegedly used for the herp.
bought allegedly in mexico.
now to play devils advocate,
someone could have sent in this picture with their herpes medication bought from mexico.
it doesn’t actually have his name on it.
someone could have been trying to sabotage his future dating life.
you know where i’m going with this.
i must say that ysl cologne is amazzzeeeeballllls.
if that is his cologne,
good nose orlando scand-al…
i mean,
“omg orlando!”.
on the positive,
judging from this video of him talkin about his kids,
he seems like a good father:

his twins are cute tho.

lowkey: being accused o allegedly poppin mollies and now alleged herpes?
“omg orlando!” better get his ack all the way right!

“omg orlando!” picture from: instagram

prescription picture courtesy: baller alert

7 thoughts on “There Is An Allegeded Hot Party In Orlando Scandrick Pants?

  1. The medicine can also be used for acne and other bacterial infection. I currently take this med during the summer I have very bad acne breakouts on my legs due to bacteria in the sand when I play beach volleyball A lot of college friends have to take it to because of the bacteria found in turf grass used on football fields

  2. herpes is a lot more common than people think these days in fact if you’re sexually active you have come into contact with it…80% of people with Herpes DON’T KNOW IT which is quite scary and 20% know it because of their outbreaks and etc..the only way one can know is if you have an outbreak because evn if someone gets tested annually for other diseases such as HIV, chylmadia, gonorrhea, syphillis and etc those diseases can be found in the blood whereas herpes they have to either take a sample of the ‘believed’ infected area or they go off of your symptoms..herpes is more common than HIV/AIDS Wolves and Foxes be careful especially of who you have oral sex with because many people get it that way also….

    1. ^what do the symptoms look like malcolm?
      like how can someone tell they have it if they haven’t been tested?
      it’s good to know what to look out for on other people as well…

  3. This makes me look at him differently now. He ain’t shit. He’s that dude you just smash and pass lol.

  4. Its his one of them prescriptions has his name and address on it, just look closely….How could he not have Herpes, he’s a known whore and a athlete LOL

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