the untimely death of mohammad anwar is the talk of the social streets

*the following story is rated R.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.
triggering and violent images below the break.

wtf is going on with hyenas nowadays?
as much as we can cast blame on the recklessness of gen z,
there are hyenas in all generations.
it seems like compassion and empathy has gone straight out the window.
i shed tears for ^that poor man and i don’t even know him.
on my day off over the weekend,
the pretty vixen sent me a video of the death of mohammad anwar.
i regretted watching it tbh.
he was an uber eats driver who was killed by two teen hyenas,
ages 13 and 15,
who tried to steal his car.
the following video that was posted on twitter absolutely shook me…

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This Is What I Look Like Without Makeup

i saw ^this vixen before.
it was like a couple months ago online.
her name is victoria katei,
an “beauty guru” attentionista,
and she was part of some “meme” tweet.
she took 50 pictures,
all of which looked amazing,
and she didn’t like any.
she is very photogenic.
the person who commented said “i wish i had those issues”.
we all know that struggle.
you spend an hour doing a photo shoot and one/two gets chosen.
the internet is at it once again.
in this social media world where perfectionism is often required,
any kind of flaw puts you at risk for technological siberia.
victoria’s real face,
the one without makeup,
was thrown up for the world to see.
the hyenas and jackals ate well because of it via “the daily mail”
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P!nk Apologies For Stupidity of the Whites In Charlottesville

i love p!nk.
i love her “outspoken” attitude and her music collection.
her “can’t take me home” and “i’m not dead” are my favs.
“who knew”,
and “sober”
her music has helped me throughout the years.
i was listening to her debut the other day.
i love this song:

…and can listen to it on repeat all day.
they don’t make a lot of music like ^that anymore.
so p!nk decided to speak out about charlottesville on her ig.
she fonted this
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Character and Other Dishonest Things To Look Out For

they say your character is who you really are.
you can change your personality,
but your character will stay with you until you die.
so that means if you’re a:

sex addict


…then those traits ain’t going nowhere.
that is interesting to me.
so what are all these self help books for?
to just change your personality?
or with hard work and dedication

Can you actually change your character flaws?

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Line Up In Order of “Ignorance” and “Set Us Back”

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 8.26.23 AM

why is ^this ignorance even okay?
so ^this is the new popular meme degrading black vixens!
i guess this is the “memorial day weekend” edition.
sadly the most retweets/jokes are from black hyenas.
here is an example of another…
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How To Be A Smart Fox

32606-Head-Vs-Hearttake ^that how you want.
so ya know what?
these jackals and hyenas out here losing in these streets,
but its funny how they operate.
they go into the world and see a branch,
or a stump,
and are programmed to think that’s how the entire forest operates.
the smart fox does not.
the smart fox sees the forest and knows we are one of the smallest animals in it.
the biggest mistake the jackals and hyenas make…
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