P!nk Apologies For Stupidity of the Whites In Charlottesville

i love p!nk.
i love her “outspoken” attitude and her music collection.
her “can’t take me home” and “i’m not dead” are my favs.
“who knew”,
and “sober”
her music has helped me throughout the years.
i was listening to her debut the other day.
i love this song:

…and can listen to it on repeat all day.
they don’t make a lot of music like ^that anymore.
so p!nk decided to speak out about charlottesville on her ig.
she fonted this

…and she is apparently getting dragged for it.

What’s wrong with what she said?

it seems “110%” to me.
she didn’t drag blacks.
she acknowledged our white cousins can be jackals and hyenas.
when celebs speak out on issues,
they get dragged.
they stay silent and they’re dragged too.
so why do we expect them to have an opinion,
if they’re opinion isn’t good enough?
i commend p!nk for always saying what she feels,
no matter the backlash.
i allow her.

lowkey: of course i love her new song…

folks sleep on p!nk.
her tours always make big money.

7 thoughts on “P!nk Apologies For Stupidity of the Whites In Charlottesville

  1. I’d like to piggyback off what JAY said…

    After all these deaths of innocent black men, women, and children, I’m not the least-bit impressed by “white allies'” ineffective condemnation of white supremacy.

    Why…? Because it costs them nothing…and it certainly doesn’t cost the vast majority of them their lives. In fact, it can be adequately argued that they benefit financially and socially from such “counter racist” work. Tim Wise and Jane Elliot come to mind for some odd reason… *sips lavender and chamomile tea and continues*.

    I’ll be impressed when whites, upon their own initiative, actively work to completely dismantle (not alter or tweak) the INFRASTRUCTURE that buttresses their whiteness. Anything else is utterly futile…

    1. You’ll be waiting lol

      All it takes is some kind words and black people are satisfied and ready to center white feelings and use them to legitimize the cause.

      They don’t have to put any action behind their words lol.

      I’ve sat down and talked to white people in the south that STILL benefit from their ancestors today.

      Land, houses, job opportunities. Stuff most minorities will never have no matter how much education they get or how many titles they have.

      Then they have the audacity to feel like they’re the marginalized one.

      I’m not impressed at all. White people are no smarter or more business oriented than blacks.

      They just have 500+ years of a head start.

  2. I understand where she’s coming from, but I feel like its just another attempt to market her outside of her normal target audience to sell more records. Honestly, it’s no different than when she claimed #BlackLivesMatter and told her fans to stop following her if they don’t agree and dislike the hashtag. It especially means nothing considering the fact that her husband has a reputation for being yet another racist, country redneck.

  3. The majority of whites have not come together in large numbers to end systematic white supremacy. They will not work to overthrow a system that they benefit from. White people can smile in your face all day and tell you how “different” or “special” you are but at the end of the day they are committed to white supremacy.

  4. Black and people of color in general are tired of these “allies” that are all talk.

    If most white people don’t feel this way on some level or just straight ambivalence they wouldn’t have been emboldened to march in the first place.

    If most white people wanted to end oppression and level the playing field trust it would’ve happened.

    The reality is you can’t expect them to destroy a system that would knock them from the top of the food chain. Even the nicest white allies fear losing their status. Don’t be fooled.

    So yeah people are tired of hearing the empty words in response to situations like this. Its condescending.

  5. Love Pink’s music. Love that first CD as well. I thought she would be a one-hit wonder, but when she bucked the direction L.A. Reid wanted her to go in, she turned her career into a very successful one!
    Like A Pill was an ode to my ex-girlfriend. LOL

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