You Can Still Get HIV From Your Husband

when i meet a wolf for the first time,
and the vibe is right,
i might be down to fuck.
it’s reality and i get horny.
the dynamics are different with gay/bi males tho.
thing is,
i do it because i want to do it.
i don’t do it because i want to wait to see if likes me,
nor do i do it because i feel pressured.
it would be my decision and it would always be safe sex.
shit can happen tho and that is still risky behavior.
a f-bi sent me the following facebook screen caps.
it shows you can either wait 1 hour,
or 1 year to fuck someone,
you can still contract a disease to change your whole life.
check this out…

it is a very scary reality.
you just can’t trust anyone to have your back.
there are cowards and liars out here who only care for self.
they will infect you and keep it moving with no fucks to give.
you can’t even fully trust someone who waited to give you a ring.
she followed up with this:

he is out now.
there is some jackal on the loose.
i’m mad at the mother knowing and being coy.
she should have been hauled off to jail too.
i’m glad ladybyrd has realized her mistake and shared her story.
it’s something we all needed to read.

lowkey: i’m learning to wait until i see test results.
i’m getting my inner thot behavior under control.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “You Can Still Get HIV From Your Husband”

  1. This is ALLLLL kinds of messed up! You can not trust ANYONE these days! Self Preservation >Love. People think that we were still in 1945 where you could marry someone, love them, have children together, and never worry about some deadly std. NOT THE CASE IN 2017! Times are different now. Blood tests for STDs should be mandatory in every state in order to obtain a marriage license

      1. In some communities half of the population will NEVER get legally married so they will never get that mandatory STD test.

        People need to have joint STD tests BEFORE they start a sexual relationship.By the time they are ready to get married in all likelihood if one has the STD the other one already has it unless they have being using condoms or practicing abstinence.

        Also a mandatory pre marital STD test is not going to stop a person from contracting a STI or STD AFTER they get married from a cheating spouse.

        I don’t know what the answer is anytime you have unprotected sex whether you are married or not there is a possibility you can contract a STD because your spouse may be unfaithful.😞

      2. This is scary because essentially, one is never safe. It’s hard to know what someone else is doing all the time. ONe is LITERALLY putting their life in the partner’s hands whenevery they have sex. Scary times we are living in.

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