Air Drop Your Nudes In My Box

so i knew about the following story a foxholer sent me.
it happened to a home vixen of mine a year or two ago.
she got a random picture sent to her iphone.
someone on the train sent it to her by mistake.
it was an innocent picture,
but it was from a stranger.
that is how i learned about air drop.
it’s a way to send a file/pictures to another iphone wirelessly.
well it looks like it finally caught on.
  nudes are now being air dropped to strangers on the mta now.
this is what the daily mail had to say…

Men commuting on New York City subways have reportedly been taking part in a new perverted trend targeted towards women.

The disturbing trend, which involves a guy taking a picture of his private parts and sending it to nearby parties via the iPhone AirDrop tool, has left some unlucky ladies feeling violated, repulsed and utterly confused.

Britta Carlson, 28, told the New York Post she received an unusual request from an unknown contact July 27 while riding aboard the 6 train en route to a concert.

When Carlson accepted the request to view the message, she was petrified.

‘It was just a huge close-up picture of a disgusting penis,’ Carlson recalled. ‘It really felt like someone had actually just flashed me.’

Carlson said she was able to receive the unsolicited photo from the stranger because the tool was customized to ‘Everyone,’ rather than her saved contacts only.

‘It never even crossed my mind that someone may use it to send stuff like that.’

The AirDrop tool, which first released in July 2011 on the IOS 7 update, allows users to easily transfer files and images to people in their vicinity without occupying storage space.

‘Just tap Share, then select the person you want to share with,’ Apple’s website described the convenient tool. 

‘AirDrop does the rest using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. No setup required. And transfers are encrypted, so what you share is highly secure.’ 

iPhone users are able to block messages by turning the tool to ‘Receiving Off,’ however; many are not aware of the different options.

i’ve used air drop to transfer files from my mac to my iphone.
it’s faster and easier.
i’m a part time tech geek,
so i’m shocked this didn’t catch on sooner.
the crazy part is whatever photo you use in your contact card,
is what will show up in the air drop.
so that’s how you know you are sending it to the intended target.
mine is set to off,
but i might need to set mine to on

…i think.
although i hate nudes,
i’d like a sexy wolf to drop a surprise in me.
it’s always surprising to me folks don’t know what their phones can do.

lowkey: it reminds me of the motorola 2 way pagers…

anyone who had one,
you could send a message to them.
either way,
the dls are gonna eat this up in new yawk.

article taken: daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Air Drop Your Nudes In My Box”

  1. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that thought I should turn mine on after reading the article. I ride the trains in Nyc often and feel like I found the love of my life atleast 721 times on the train.

  2. I don’t approve of anyone sending unsolicited nude pics to anyone but I kinda like the idea for missed connections. Shit if you see a sexy wolf on the train or out in public and he’s eyeing fucking you and you’re doing the same to him it could work in that manner if he has an iPhone.

    1. ^they can screen shot their number from their notes and send it as an image.
      better yet,
      screen shot their contact card with their number/email/information.

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