Well, He Got Ran Over By A Car For Me

every vixen wants a wolf like ^this.
not to sit between her legs like that.
she wants a protector.
a wolf who will come to her rescue when shit happens.
that’s what marcus martin did to his fiancee,
marissa blair.
he got hit by a car saving her in the charlottesville protest.
a foxholer sent me in this is the story via daily mail

A man was photographed seconds after he heroically pushed his fiancée out of the way of a white supremacist’s car in Charlottesville Saturday.

Marcus Martin, 26, was a counter-protester at the tragic day’s events, marching the streets with his fiancée Marissa Blair, 27, and their friends.

When a Dodge Challenger suddenly rammed into the crowd, Martin didn’t hesitate to push his bride-to-be out of the way, resulting in him being hit by the accelerating vehicle.

Martin was photographed in mid-air seconds after he saved Blair’s life, and other photos reveal that when the car backed up over him, his shoe was dragged off.

Amazingly, Martin survived the ‘intentional’ car crash but sustained a broken leg in the horrific incident, as Blair live-streamed the entire event on Facebook.

Speaking exclusively to the DailyMail.com, Blair revealed the moment Martin pushed her out of the way, saying: ‘He saved me then he was under the car.’

Moments before Martin was struck, Blair said they had been walking through the streets, chanting and laughing.

She added to the DailyMail.com: ‘We were saying, “Whose streets? Our streets!” and just having a good time. We were right at the intersection, deciding to go right or left. We went left.

We hear a commotion from the top of the street. It happened so fast. I felt myself shoved out of the way. [Martin] had pushed me out of the way.

‘It was so fast. All he could think was to push me. He saved me then he was under the car. I checked myself and then immediately thought, where’s Marcus? 

‘I started looking where the car had hit people. I saw his hat had blood all over it but he wasn’t there. I found him with no blood on him.

‘We were taken to the hospital and I overheard someone say that the heavyset woman who they were doing CPR on had died. 

‘I started asking around but I knew that it was my friend Heather. She had been standing right in front of Marcus.’ 

Blair continued: ‘It was senseless. People said we were wrong for being there but it was that guy [driver] who was wrong. Why would anyone think that it’s okay to do this? He rammed into us.’ 

Blair said she attended the Charlottesville rally in protest of the alt-right groups that were gathered there.

here is the video of the entire incident:

that is so romantic.
4 real.
males can work out to look like the ultimate warrior,
but be softer than charmin on the inside.
muscles can sometimes just be a fashion accessory.
ya know,
to look good in fur and ig photos.

i just found out that when walking with a vixen,
she is supposed to walk on the inside of the sidewalk.
if she is on the outside,
that means she can take the hit of any incoming car.
you are supposed to take that hit.
it also lets other wolves know she is single.
i’m late af,
but i date wolves so i didn’t know.
some males don’t even open doors for vixens.
they walk in the room first.
i open every door and allow them to enter first for any vixen.
i may not date vixens,
but it’s called manners.
either way,
i’ll allow marcus.

lowkey: i get so turned on when a male defends his.
that drives me crazy.

article: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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