We Should Have Known It Would Come To This

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this charlottesville story reminds me of one of those alien movies.
the one where the whites damn near lured the aliens to earth.
as soon as all hell breaks loose,

they looking for a “superman” or “batman” to save the day.

…so are we surprised foxhole?
i’m not.
we knew when trump hit office,
all hell was gonna break loose.
we knew that he would be embraced by racist hyenas and jackals.
most of us didn’t want his orange tail as the “face” of this country.
he is there so we have to deal with the backlash.

please stay your ass home.

hell nahhhhhhh.
stop going out there and putting your life in danger.
and that is anyone who did,
put a under qualified reality star in the white house.
anything that happens is THEIR responsibility.
this is definitely not our fight and not our problem.
so continue to protect yourself,
stay under the radar,
and stock up on supplies.
this is just the beginning.

lowkey: i mean…


i don’t understand why blacks were there.
it was a kkk rally.
we know their background so why even go there?

see anyone you know in the crowd: @yesyoureracist

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “We Should Have Known It Would Come To This”

  1. honestly I’m surprised it took them this long to decide it was time to do it. I honestly feel like we are at this really weird and terrible space in our society and if he is kicked out the vice present would not be any better.

    1. ^everything is weird and terrible!!!
      its like we are falling in this trap to divide us.
      we are slowly imploding and it’s going to be a massive.
      the united states is determined to be a third world country the way it’s going.

    2. @Ronnie…Seriously, at this point, I’d take Mike Pence! Trump shows EVERYDAY that he is not qualified to run this country.

      As we all know even HE was surprised that he won. You could see the look on his face when he won…like what the hell did I get myself into?! So he went into this thinking that anything he says will get done, and he realized that wasn’t the case, so what does he do? He lashes out like a little child at anyone that goes against him or what he says.

      He knew these kinds of people were behind him. He encouraged their behavior at his rallies when he was on the campaign trail. It was only a matter of time when they would feel comfortable enough to stage what they staged Friday night and yesterday. The organizer of that march needs to be held accountable for the actions of his participants. I don’t know if the guy who used his car to mow down those people was a member of that organization, but at least he was charged with murder. I mean is it that serious?! You have THAT much hatred for people of other races, ethnicity, and religion? What’s even sadder is that I bet you if you asked that guy has anyone did anything to him PERSONALLY, his answer would probably be no.

      Racism in this country REALLY ramped up when President Obama was in office, and now that we have an inexperienced “businessman” (and I use that term loosely) in office who doesn’t speak up against these types of incidents because he wants to be liked…we are seriously fucked! This is going to be a LONG 4 years!

      J, you know why blacks went to that rally! They were looking to kick some KKK ass! LOL

  2. What do you mean why were black people even there? Are we suppose to stay in the house scared and silent while white supremacists march freely through the streets as if they own this country? Change doesn’t happen by hiding and cowering in a corner. Bullies don’t stop until you stand up to them and fight back

    1. Personally I would not have attended b/c ib don’t see the purpose of face2face combat/protest like back in the day when we really didn’t have rights n shit..instead I think it’s time to throw our passion and zeal and efforts into tryina figure out how to close the 228 yr wealth gap b/t blacks and wypipo….but, I ain’t gonna knock any one who went to this….I mean perhaps there will be some incident involving them that may incline my up front n direct participation, but this shit here was not it…thoughts and prayers to the young lady’s fam though..

  3. I think we need to accept the fact that racism will forever be part of the U.S. American culture. It will never go away. This land was founded on racism when the Europeans came and nearly wipe out the Native Americans and brought Africans as slaves then the Asians to replace the Africans when slavery was abolished. Plus there is a chain reaction. White Americans made black American’s life a living hell which cause them to hate whites which cause white Americans to hate black Americans which cause black Americans to hate white Americans which cause white Americans to hate black Americans. It goes on and on and on without stopping anytime soon.

  4. damn this is terrible and sad this world is coming to an end, hope you guys are safe over there in the US

    ps: how’s the atmosphere in NYC I’m coming in september and I’m scared as fuck seeing this and knowing who the president now…sigh
    stay safe guys

    1. NYC is and will be fine! They won’t try that mess here. and if they did, the people of this city would come together (black, white, latino, gays/bi/lesbian) real quick and run them outta town.

      1. In some parts of Brooklyn, Long Island and especially Staten Island they would be welcomed with opened arms.

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