P!nk Apologies For Stupidity of the Whites In Charlottesville

i love p!nk.
i love her “outspoken” attitude and her music collection.
her “can’t take me home” and “i’m not dead” are my favs.
“who knew”,
and “sober”
her music has helped me throughout the years.
i was listening to her debut the other day.
i love this song:

…and can listen to it on repeat all day.
they don’t make a lot of music like ^that anymore.
so p!nk decided to speak out about charlottesville on her ig.
she fonted this
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Well, He Got Ran Over By A Car For Me

every vixen wants a wolf like ^this.
not to sit between her legs like that.
she wants a protector.
a wolf who will come to her rescue when shit happens.
that’s what marcus martin did to his fiancee,
marissa blair.
he got hit by a car saving her in the charlottesville protest.
a foxholer sent me in this is the story via daily mail
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We Should Have Known It Would Come To This

(Photo by Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

this charlottesville story reminds me of one of those alien movies.
the one where the whites damn near lured the aliens to earth.
as soon as all hell breaks loose,

they looking for a “superman” or “batman” to save the day.

…so are we surprised foxhole?
i’m not.
we knew when trump hit office,
all hell was gonna break loose.
we knew that he would be embraced by racist hyenas and jackals.
most of us didn’t want his orange tail as the “face” of this country.
he is there so we have to deal with the backlash.

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