He Lives Life Like Someone Is Always Watching

some folks are just vain af.
with this social media era,
vanity is at an all time high.
i love seeing people talking to their phones in public places.
you already know it’s a snap or insta-snap situation.
well this body building wolf saw he was being watched.
this is what happened

he was serious af about that tho.
my manz took off his shirt and everything.
i know the security guards couldn’t WAIT for that to go viral.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “He Lives Life Like Someone Is Always Watching”

  1. Haha people are definitely fain asf, but this dude is a bodybuilder who is always making skits on his Instagram page. His name is Blessing Awodibu.

      1. Lol I could tell it wasn’t real from the jump, didn’t look impromptu at all…I mean,was the camera callin out his name b/c he starts it off like he hears the cam whisper “Bleeeeessing”…

    1. Blessing? LOL he is Nigerian for SURE. I knew a couple of “Blessings” back when I was growing up in school and they were all of Nigerian descent.
      One thing about Nigerian families is that they are serious about the names of their offspring and I ain’t even mad at them haha

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