He Lives Life Like Someone Is Always Watching

some folks are just vain af.
with this social media era,
vanity is at an all time high.
i love seeing people talking to their phones in public places.
you already know it’s a snap or insta-snap situation.
well this body building wolf saw he was being watched.
this is what happened
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The Mirror Lied 2 U (So Did The Camera)

joker-in-mirror“​Who is that person that I see
Staring straight back at me?
When will my reflection show
Who I am inside?…” reflection by christina aguliera

when we look into a mirror,
for some of us,
we look good.
i know i do.
well the thing is,
when someone takes a picture of us sometimes its…
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1800x1500the mtv vmas steps it up with all the various camera angles.
they don’t play.
right now i’m watching the red carpet cam with jason collins on the red carpet.
all the juicy stuff really happens here:

x watch all the behind the scenes drama here

lowkey: paula patton looks high again.

Who’s Yo Daddy? Huh? Who Is It?……. Uh You Maybe? I Dunno.

KERRYRdaddyi wouldn’t mind calling kerry rhodes “daddy”.
has a nice ring to it.
in a twist that i didn’t see coming,
allegedly he might be kim k’s baby daddy.
stop laughing!
you have to read the rest!
bossip has it and well…

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Desperately Seeking Relevance?


i guess we can expect this every month.
anyway in my absence,
you guys were on it as usual.
had about 20 emails in my box about this.
even some mentions on twitter.
i watched the video that peanut leaked for the first time this morning.
and well…

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The Bullying Of Kerry Rhodes Continues From Pepe Le’ Peanut

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 10.35.11 AMi’m in a happy mood today.
i’ll post on that later.
anyway just when i thought my kerry was in the clear,
some new shots of the great peanut and him surfaced.
an f-bi just sent me a re-up of the new pics from balleralert

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