The Mirror Lied 2 U (So Did The Camera)

joker-in-mirror“​Who is that person that I see
Staring straight back at me?
When will my reflection show
Who I am inside?…” reflection by christina aguliera

when we look into a mirror,
for some of us,
we look good.
i know i do.
well the thing is,
when someone takes a picture of us sometimes its…

who is that person?
it seems like in a picture,
all your flaws are enhanced xs 10.

that forehead you thought was decent was actually pushed back.
those dark spots on your cheek can play a good game of tic tac toe.
that nose
those teeth
that double chin
oh my!

all shit to make you more self conscious than you already may be.
yet you look on instagram,
everyone has the perfect angle.
don’t it seem all the attentionistos take the BEST pictures?

i often wondered about the reflection we see staring back as us.
is the true image the one from the mirror or the camera?
and even tho both reflections look different,
1350253062039is it the opinion of others that really matters?
our friends can be biased.
our true friends rather.
they may hold the truth to spare our feelings.
so i had to ask…

Mirror, Camera, or Person:
Which opinion of your image do you trust?

joker picture credited: Greg Capullo 

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “The Mirror Lied 2 U (So Did The Camera)”

  1. The camera on my Galaxy is horrible. I take most of my pics in black and white because my pics in color do not all come out right. The pictures come out too fine, and I’ve tried adjusting the settings lol. I trust the mirror at the end of the day tho. My opinion of myself is what matters the most, not others.

  2. I’ve seen a few wolves I like take some not so flattering pictures. TBH I don’t know which to trust. Both the mirror & camera can be set at certain angles that make you look good & or odd. Lord knows that bathroom light makes us look way better than usual for some reason. And a person might be lying just to make you feel better so… I think I’ll just stay inside with the lights off and bag over my face.


      1. I have plenty of penis pics lol

        Nah I’m kidding, but that’s a major problem with doing the online thing. If you don’t have a million flattering pics dudes assume you’re ugly lol

  3. I trust the mirror even if it lies to me at certain times lol. I wear contacts so when I first get up my vision is a little burry and when I look in the mirror my face seems fine but after I put this those contacts in I see the acne and scars from it.

    My iPhone takes good pictures but it seems like when friends take pics of me they can’t seems to get my good angles which annoys me because when I take theirs I’m basically doing a vogue photo shoot. Which is why I take a lot of selfies I know how capture my cuteness lol.

  4. J you are speaking my truth. But I think mirrors are more trustworthy because it just shows you, but cameras? With cameras it all about the angles, positions, and lighting. I bet the attentionistos only seem to take perfect picture because they take billions of photos to find the right one before posting it. One thing I learned is that you never take a photo of your naked body dry. You need to oil up so that the camera can take every definition of your body.

  5. Jamari, I love your site! I love all of the articles that you post, the way you speak, and I am happy to hear your point of view and see the world through your eyes sometimes…When it comes to my image, I only trust my own opinion. My best pics come when I’m not posing. People lie (I get compliments from people on my worse days) and cameras can play tricks. Are there any pics of you on this site or online? I’ve always wondered what you look like.

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