The Hall of Mirrors (Left Field)

e7aed-funhouse4it seems to be a season of some sort.
including myself,
is stressed out.
i’m calling it “the hall of mirrors”.
this destination seems to be somewhere on everyone’s mountans.
its like everyone is being faced with their truths right now.
the reflection might be easy to handle for some.
a quick switch up and you good.
the rest are having a hard time at who we are or becoming.
we are seeing things in our lives we never thought we would to see.
my friend left today saw just that…
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The Mirror Lied 2 U (So Did The Camera)

joker-in-mirror“​Who is that person that I see
Staring straight back at me?
When will my reflection show
Who I am inside?…” reflection by christina aguliera

when we look into a mirror,
for some of us,
we look good.
i know i do.
well the thing is,
when someone takes a picture of us sometimes its…
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