Um, Excuse Me James Hatchel?

tumblr_nk992ciZH51rlm9j6o1_1280remember ( x him )?
his name is james hatchel from atl.
well god has been good to him since then.
he also has a positive message for us as well…

…got it.
lord my ratchet side has a lot to say…
…and i’m proud i kept it all inside.
god has been working on me.
so i’ll leave this:


…and go take a cold shower.

watch james work out videos: youtube

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Um, Excuse Me James Hatchel?

  1. See, you know what….this sh*t right here n*gga will make me change my ways…come through with this heavenly warrior! I’ll be on usher board #1

  2. OMG…I had to grab my pearls!!! Lord have mercy!!! Lord this man is phine!!! He is also a male dancer.. His body fully nude is no joke. I’m getting hot just thinking about it!! Lol

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