Andre Lyon Got A Lot Going On (and I Want It All)

tumblr_nis8ttCZ2s1rtpul1o1_1280can we talk about ^this gem?
played by trai byers on empire.
first of all,
i think he is super fine.
am i the only one thinking so?…

tumblr_inline_ni63lj6dx41qfb043i love when he gets mad.
secondly tonight’s episode was really powerful with him.

andre lost his bid for cfo within the company
his father basically played him
only his mama and some snow wolf voted for him
andre realized he doesn’t even know his own family
he also tried to get his wife to:


Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 11.01.07 PM…did i mention he is bipolar?
that scene with him and the gun>>>>>>
well i think he came full circle tonight.
he realized that he is truly alone and is about to self destruct.
i love how they write his character.
he is bad,
but he is very complex and interesting.
that being said:

i would give my foxhole to him in every single way

tumblr_nja9c1Lo0I1tcbhsqo1_250 tumblr_nja9c1Lo0I1tcbhsqo2_250he does things to me.
crazy wolves lay the best peen.

lowkey:and is it me or does he have big bunz too?
and can wear a suit?
sign me up.

( x learn more about andre lyon )

( x watch tonight’s episode )

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18 thoughts on “Andre Lyon Got A Lot Going On (and I Want It All)”

  1. From the beginning I thought he was the better looking brother. But this episode I finally saw Jamal’s fineness that all my friends was raving about. I think it’s because they fixed his hairline.

  2. I saw him on The View.He went to Yale Drama School with Lupita.Also he is a singer.
    Did Andre’s wife really sleep with that old man?
    What do you guys think of Jamal’s new man?

  3. I love this show!!! The story lines are written very well and they shoot every scene as if it’s a movie. It feels like you are watching a movie, but it’s a well done television series. Only 3 more episodes before the season finale!!!

  4. Yes. Even when he’s having a breakdown, I wanna jump his bones. As for Jamal’s new man, I think the actor is cute, especially his Australian accent. I wanna see how far they go but I doubt they’ll last so I won’t get my hopes up. I’m reminded of the L.A Complex and how badly I wanted Kaldrick to stay with that handsome lawyer. I can’t be a shipper.

  5. This show is amazing I’m going to be so mad waiting for the second season. I’m not sure if this is right but it looks like the second season won’t start till August or September

  6. I’m loving the show. Maybe it’s me, but I’m thinking that the story-lines seems a little rushed…maybe it’s because they didn’t think the show would catch fire like it has? Maybe after the season finale they can relax a little and then slow things down a bit. Too much is being revealed too soon.

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