Got Married To Build Another Empire!


andre lyon and boo boo kitty are married!
that’s trai byers and grace gaeley from “empire”.
it’s so crazy because i was just watching the video she did with jamie foxx.
i said something and mi replied…
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So Lets Trai For Another Show?

tumblr_nvrk42H4HI1uq9rg8o1_500as you know from my writing,
i’ve been complaining real heavy about empire’s second season.
almost everything is wrong.
a lot of people i know are slowly jumpin’ ship.
well it seems andre lyon,
aka trai byers,
wants out of empire.
according to page six
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#SexiestSummerEver With The Lyon’s Brothers ( BONUS )

tumblr_noeryvy6Ez1unxfwao1_500well today is the 15th of may.
you know what day that is?
well it is the 6 year anniversary of “insidejamarifox”.
6 years you have put up with my crazy ass.
i love you.
i love you.
i looooooovvvvvedddd-ed you.
its also “the lyons brothers” essence issues rolls onto newsstands.
remember i spoke about it ( x HERE ).
well an f-bi sent me some visuals from the article w/ video…
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#SexiestSummerEver With The Lyon’s Brothers

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 8.00.05 PMin a perfect world,
i’d spend some summers in the hamptons.
my parents would be still be alive.
they would own a gorgeous beach front property.
every summer the lyons brothers would be back and forth.
in my head,
every summer,
one of them would be banging my back out on the low.
you can decided which one.
in reality tho,
the lyons brothers from fox’s “empire”:

hakeem: bryshere “yazz” gray
andre: trai byers
jamal: jussie smollett

…reunited for essence magazine this month.
the theme is #sexiestsummerever.
it sure is.
check out their individual covers…
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Andre Lyon Got A Lot Going On (and I Want It All)

tumblr_nis8ttCZ2s1rtpul1o1_1280can we talk about ^this gem?
played by trai byers on empire.
first of all,
i think he is super fine.
am i the only one thinking so?…
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