So Lets Trai For Another Show?

tumblr_nvrk42H4HI1uq9rg8o1_500as you know from my writing,
i’ve been complaining real heavy about empire’s second season.
almost everything is wrong.
a lot of people i know are slowly jumpin’ ship.
well it seems andre lyon,
aka trai byers,
wants out of empire.
according to page six

“Empire” star Trai Byers — who plays Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard’s son Andre on the smash series — wants out of the Fox show, sources exclusively told Page Six. And producers are prepared to let him leave after some behind-the-scenes diva behavior.

“Trai wants out,” said an insider. “He feels that he studied at Yale and he’s a ‘true thespian’ . . . The character is beneath him. He has an idea of himself as being this big Shakespearean actor.”

While Byers was ecstatic to land a role on “Empire” in its debut season, sources said he doesn’t agree with the direction the show’s taken.

“At first, being on ‘Empire’ was major for him. But he feels his character is not as important this season, and he hates not being the star,” said a source. “He thinks he has the acting chops of Taraji and Terrence. He doesn’t get how the show benefits him, and he feels he has way too much talent when he’s not the star by any means.”

Another insider added: “Trai threw a temper tantrum during filming in the past few weeks, saying, ‘I don’t get to do enough, I might leave.’ But producers called his bluff and said, ‘Fine, if you’re not happy, we don’t need you.’ He thinks he is a brilliant guy who deserves a better role, but he’s hardly one of the most popular or dynamic actors on the show.”

The insider added: “He also fired all his reps for not getting him big movie roles.”

Byers, engaged off-screen to co-star Grace Gealey, “was up for a new Muhammad Ali movie, and in his mind he was very close to getting it,” another source said. “He fired [his team] when he didn’t, and now no one knows how to reach out to him. He’s even fired ICM.”

But a source close to “Empire” told us: “It’s the last week of filming the season, and he’s not quitting, nor is he being fired, for now.”

Fox had no comment. Byers couldn’t be reached.

i will say he is one of the best actors on the show.
i will also say they don’t do his character any justice.
they could have totally went somewhere with the “bipolar” story line.
instead they have him looking pathetic,
like boo boo kitty,
sitting up there begging for his father’s approval.
it seems like they are putting all the focus on:

making the album: jamal edition
hakeem and el virgen latina
cookie and whatever that cuban is hiding
cookie and her sister’s drama
fantasia loaf and lucious

…but they pushed the snow bunny down the stairs,
probably killing the fetus,
which will end up with andre to beg for more approval.

so i can see why he would want to go.
as much as we can call him a “fool”,
why stick around if your character is going to shits?
even though i will miss all his wolf tail shots:


….the show does center around 3 brothers and their dysfunction.
if andre is removed…

Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose?

lowkey: this could all be pr.
we didn’t hear about all this early in the hiatus.
we’ll keep your nose in this story.
i would love to play a role on that show.
be jamal’s love interest/he bitch.

article taken: page six

21 thoughts on “So Lets Trai For Another Show?

  1. i don’t believe this many of these magazines be reaching with their stories and ‘create’ stories to garner attention. Everyone who has worked with him said he’s great to work with if anything i heard Terrance Howard is a DIVA

  2. I’d like for him not to leave the show, but they did ruin his and Grace Gealey’s characters. She seems like an extra, and his role took such a dramatic turn from someone fighting for his place to just being… eh.

    However, “But producers called his bluff and said, ‘Fine, if you’re not happy, we don’t need you.’” Is the right response. Trai, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Yes, you’re role has changed, but you’re still on the number one TV show.

  3. Can you really blame him?! Lee Daniels & FOX treat his character like s hit as well as Grace Gealey (Boo Boo Kitty). The show started out as a success but it seems like peoples egos are starting to ruin the show and honestly l don’t see Empire lasting after Season 2 sadly. It was good while it lasted.

    1. It has already been picked up for Season three.Trai says he will be on season 3

  4. traibyers Instagram:

    “I don’t normally spend my time dispelling rumors, but there
    is something I’d like to address. I have nothing but love and
    respect for “Empire” and all who are involved on the show. I
    have a fabulous relationship with FOX, and hold myself to
    the highest standards professionally. How could I think of
    demanding something larger than Andre, where I get to
    express a man with Bipolar disorder, who is on a spiritual
    journey to find his identity? I’m so proud, so happy, and
    so lucky to be a part of this cast. This show has started
    my career. See you in Season Three!”

    So, of course, no, he’s not leaving anything.

    1. I believe somebody from his team leaked this story.He is too under the radar for a NY tabloid to even mention him,IMO.He is barely even mentioned on black blogs compared to his co stars.So I find it suspect that a tabloid is talking about him.

  5. Now that I heard t from your side, J. I don’t blame him for wanting to leave if this true, but he got a nice phat ass. But this all could be publicity as I know the season 2 of Empire didn’t do too well and the producers probably want to get people hyped again for the show.

  6. Taraji just signed to play a NASA scientist.Jussie signed to be in the Ridley Scott sequel to Alien.Terrence Howard is doing Wayward Pines,another tv show.If Trai is so talented than do a project while you are on hiatus.Empire wrapped filming the second season today.He should have projects lined up.
    If he wants to leave ….Bye ,everyone is Replaceable.

  7. I see this from two sides,(if this is true) on one side he’s on a hit tv show that has huge ratings, he’s getting a check, and he found love on the show. As Chris said above a lot of struggling actors out there would dream of this.

    On the other hand I can understand him being an actor and wanting more of meaty role to sink his teeth into. The other two guys playing his brothers on the show have their music as another venture and as a back up if when the show ends. I’m sure he was happy when they gave him the bipolar storyline in the beginning of last season because it gave him room to stretch his acting chops he learned at Yale, but as the show has taken a turn in the second season ( and let’s be honest the writing for the show is more kitch than clever) I’m sure he’s worried about his acting future.

    When a show ends the main character of the series normally had no problem getting more high profile work. It’s the supporting cast that does a lot of times even though there are Exceptions.

  8. I stopped watchin this train wreck 1/2 way thru the 1st season – and spotty hate watchin 2nd season, but daaamn he got a niiiiice phatty, i di’n’t know….may have to reconsider this 3rd season…………….mmm, naw

  9. It’s not like he was a big name in the industry before this show. I understand his character is pretty boring but he should be grateful that he is on a show and getting a check. There are so many actors who are begging to get a local commercial. He should play the character and be grateful while looking for other opportunities and networking for bigger roles.

    1. ^yeah…
      his other cast mates are out here getting deals.
      he needs to work that industry.

      has anyone noticed him and the actress who plays boo boo kitty,
      who he dates in real life,
      are not getting great character development?

  10. To be honest, none of the brothers on the show do anything for me anymore. I only watch the show for Terrance and Taraji. Without them the show is nothing.

      1. Not even that if they can’t get their writing together! I stopped watching two episodes into this season. They were all over the place when they came back from hiatus. Even my cutie Adam Rodriguez couldn’t get me watching it again. LOL

  11. His character is pretty boring.. But he is really nice to look at. He sounds ungrateful though *if this is true*
    I’m sure he ain’t complaining about those checks. Oop.

    1. ^they needed to put him in charge of his own empire.
      they took luscious of jail too fast.
      it could have been a nice 3 brother rivalry trying to bring each other down.
      jamal should have been bad this season.

      clearly they need new writers.

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