I Love When I Randomly Find Chocolate Laying Around

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.28.16 PMsooooo…
everybody wanted to know who ^that wolf is.

you remember him,
he was from this video:

i knew that would jog your memory.
well i always get what i want.
everyone meet more of jean

he is a chocolate dream.

Alisha-blowjob-simulationi would love to know what he looks like naked.
don’t act like you didn’t think the same.
jean doesn’t really have a location,
although he is giving me a heavy “jamaican“.
“haitian” or “nigerian” closely behind.
i do like his hair tho.
this is him before:

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 8.36.38 PM

uh huh.
he def should keep that mohawk.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “I Love When I Randomly Find Chocolate Laying Around”

  1. Either look is just fine with me! He is GORGEOUS! I’m going to be honest and say that I’d absolutely let him wreck my…”whole” body. LOL! You see what I did there? Play on words! Homophones! Gotta love it! No,seriously, he is beautiful. I’d love to hear him speak though. But based on physical alone, he could definitely get it!

  2. You know what, J? You kinda ruined my fantasy about him. Although I love dark chocolate wolves, but when you show his face I immediately lost my attraction for him. His side face looks better than the frontal.

      1. Oh my goodness I did, but I was kinda shocked to find out that Vincent is a bottom so far because I thought he was going a top. However, I can tell he’s going to be fucking tease throughout the season…. But I really like the show so far.

        Did you watch Boyz Next Door: ATL?

      2. Yes,I watched BNDAtl.My favorites are Tripp Ali,who will also be on About Him,Del Antonio and the bald guy dating track star.I think his name is Tony.I think there will be a new episode on March 8.

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