The Only Thing That Matters To Me This Weekend

latestfrank underwood,

it seems like it’s going to be a “frank vs claire” showdown.
i hope “house of cards: season 4” doesn’t disappoint.

7 thoughts on “The Only Thing That Matters To Me This Weekend

  1. As soon as I saw Cicely and Neve, I said oh yeahhhh…they about business this season. 2 episodes in, and so excited to see what’s gonna happen to Zoe’s ol dude.

    1. ^remy doesn’t even see he is being used by that snow bunny…
      black wolves tend to be cuckold fantasies for most of these whites.

  2. I can’t wait. Last year I watched 1 episode a week (talk about will power) but this year, BINGE WATCH!

    1. ^you are going to love this season c!
      claire is going hard.
      a little too hard,
      but i see she wants her place in the world.
      i don’t think she realizes who she is fuckin with.

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